How to Remove Fabric Tape From Fabric

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Things You'll Need

  • Cotton cloth

  • Running water

  • Ironing board or other flat, heat-proof surface

  • Iron with warm setting and steam feature

An iron is a handy tool to help you remove fabric tape.

Fabric tape contains an adhesive that helps it stick to clothing and other items made of cloth. While adhering the tape to fabric requires simply sticking it to the item, removing it is a more involved process. As this type of tape is designed to stick and stay in place, you will need to take certain measures to remove it from your clothing or household fabric item.


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Step 1

Dampen a cotton cloth under running water and squeeze to remove excess liquid.

Step 2

Place the fabric item on an ironing board or another heat-proof, flat surface. Turn the iron on and set it to a warm setting.

Step 3

Put the damp cloth on top of the fabric tape you wish to remove. Place the warm iron on top of the damp cloth for at least 10 seconds.

Step 4

Remove the iron and the damp cloth, and pull the fabric tape away from the fabric. Launder the garment or item as indicated on its care label.


If adhesive residue remains after removing the tape, set the iron to the "steam" setting and hold it just above the adhesive residue. The steam should make the residue disappear, according to Heloise.


Ten seconds may not be long enough to loosen the tape from the fabric. If the tape doesn't easily pull off at your first attempt, replace the damp cloth and hold the warm iron on top of the cloth for up to 20 seconds.


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