How to Remove Fabric Tape From Fabric

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Fabric tape is a useful tool for people who sew. It is most often used to place a no-sew hem in a pinch or to secure difficult fabrics together as a pattern is cut or first stitches are placed. Fabric tape is not meant to be a permanent solution, though, and when it comes time to remove it, the task can be difficult. Fabric tape is designed to stick and stay in place, so you'll need to use the right tools and methods to fully remove it.


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How to Remove Fabric Tape From Fabric

Step 1: Lay Out Your Fabric on an Ironing Board

Whether you need to remove fabric tape from a tablecloth, a dress, or a pair of work pants, the first thing you'll need to do is lay out your item on an ironing board or a similar flat, heat-resistant surface. Your fabric should be placed flat with the fabric tape visible and accessible. If your fabric is especially long, you may need to lay it out in sections, focusing on one area at a time.


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Step 2: Prepare a Damp Cloth

Choose a cotton cleaning cloth or washcloth and run it under clean water to dampen it. Wring out the cloth to remove excess water. The cloth should be damp to the touch but not dripping wet.

Step 3: Get Your Iron Ready

Set your damp cloth aside and plug in and turn on your iron. Dial your iron to medium-high heat and allow it to warm until it has reached the desired temperature. Be mindful of where you place your iron to avoid accidentally bumping it with your body and getting burned or knocking it to the floor.


Step 4: Use Heat to Remove the Fabric Tape

Place the damp cloth on top of the fabric tape you wish to remove. Press the warm iron directly on the damp cloth and work it back and forth gently but firmly for around 10 seconds. Remove the iron from the fabric and use your fingers to gently remove the now-loosened fabric tape. If the fabric tape does not come loose, replace the damp cloth and press the iron on it for an additional 10 seconds before gently pulling off the fabric tape.


Step 5: Launder Your Fabric as Directed

After removing the fabric tape from the fabric, read the care tag on your item and launder it as indicated. Not every fabric will need to be laundered, as no residue or staining should remain, but laundering your fabric after removing the fabric tape can help ensure it looks and feels its best.


If you pull the tape from your fabric too soon, you're likely to leave behind some sticky residue. Remove the residue the same way you removed the tape, by using a damp cloth and your iron to lift the residue.



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