This Laundry Symbol Cheat Sheet Will Prevent Annoying Internet Searches

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Trying to decipher all the symbols on a laundry tag can feel like a lot. And it's especially annoying if you have to pause wash day to google what each individual symbol means. Fortunately, there's a cheat sheet for this conundrum.


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For just $9.99 on Amazon, you can buy the Jot & Mark Laundry Symbols Magnet Guide, which explains 36 of the most common clothing tag symbols. All of this info is conveniently located on a magnet, which you can attach to your washer or dryer. Plus, the cheat sheet is resistant to detergent, water, and humidity, so it won't deteriorate in your laundry room.

Now you can prolong the lifespan of your clothing while ensuring that you're handling everything properly. No Google search necessary!


If you're looking for a cheat sheet that's a bit more colorful and can be framed, there's this option, starting at $10.65, on Etsy. You can even choose to get a stain removal guide if you prefer.

Doing your laundry has never looked so easy.


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