How to Clean the Lint Trap in a Kenmore Washing Machine

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Like many washing machines, Kenmore washing machines have lint traps in the agitator. The lint trap collects material that sheds from the clothes and other material you wash in order to keep it from getting all over your laundry. However, if the lint trap is not cleaned regularly it can get clogged and cause your washing machine not to work as efficiently.


Step 1

Lift up the lid to your Kenmore washing machine.

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Step 2

Twist off the top of the agitator, the bar in the center of the machine that moves the laundry around.

Step 3

Pull out the plastic lint trap. Empty any debris in the trap and throw the debris away. Place the lint trap back into the agitator.

Step 4

Screw the agitator's top back on.

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