How to Disconnect a GE Dryer Buzzer

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Electrical tape


Remember to return the wiring diagram to its spot on the back of the dryer.

If you can't pull the wires out, cut them with a wire cutter.


Always unplug your dryer before opening the console.

If your dryer is under warranty, disconnecting the buzzer may void it. Check your warranty before doing any DIY jobs.

It takes little more than a screwdriver to disable your GE dryer buzzer.

GE laundry dryers come equipped with a timer buzzer to alert the owner that the cycle has finished. While the buzzer is a convenience that helps to prevent clothing from sitting in the dryer for an extended amount of time, some GE dryer owners prefer not to have the loud buzzer sound with every load. Some models have a setting that allows you to disable the buzzer or turn the volume down. To fully disconnect the buzzer takes a little extra effort, but it's not a difficult procedure.

Step 1

Unplug the dryer. Locate the wiring diagram on the back of the dryer and review it to find the location of the buzzer. If your dryer doesn't have a diagram -- it may be folded and attached in a flat plastic packet to the back panel -- enter your model number on GE's appliance website to find a diagram online.

Step 2

Remove the screws on the console with a screwdriver. The console is the control panel on top of the dryer where the dials are located.

Step 3

Open the console carefully. Locate the buzzer inside the console. In most cases, it will be connected to two wires.

Step 4

Pull one of the wires out of the buzzer to disconnect it. Wrap the end of the wire with electrical tape. Both wires can be pulled and individually taped, but that shouldn't be necessary.

Step 5

Close the console and replace the screws. Plug in the dryer.


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