How to Remove Wrinkles From Polyester Curtains

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Polyester curtains come out on top when you want durable, low-maintenance, affordable window coverings. These window treatments are less likely to wrinkle than cotton or linen, but they can still become creased or need a little pressing to look crisp. Since polyester is strong and easy to work with, you have several options for wrinkle removal.


Press Them With an Iron

If you use your clothes iron frequently for other things, add your polyester curtains to the list. It's an effective way to smooth the polyester curtain fabric and create crisp, smooth results. Check the settings on your iron for one that's recommended for polyester. If there's no guide, start with a low setting and move up to a medium heat setting if necessary to remove the wrinkles. Avoid high heat settings.


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Polyester curtains are easier to iron when they are slightly damp. Grab a spray bottle and mist a little water on them before ironing. Some irons have a water spray option that mists the fabric for you without a separate water source. Move the iron over the curtains, being careful not to spend too much time on any spot.

Use a Fabric Steamer

If you don't want to remove the polyester curtains from the curtain rod, a fabric steamer can help ease out the wrinkles. Keep the nozzle of the steamer a few inches away from the curtains. Move it over the fabric slowly, covering the entire surface to remove all wrinkles. Step back to see if you missed any wrinkles and go over those areas again. If you don't want to steam the entire curtain, focus on the wrinkled areas.


Wash and Dry

Occasionally washing your polyester curtains helps keep them fresh and clean, but it's also a way to remove wrinkles. You can usually machine wash polyester curtains with mild detergent and no bleach but check the care label for specific instructions, including recommended temperature, wash cycle, and dryer setting. A short, gentle cycle with cold water is ideal for washing polyester curtains unless the care instructions specify something else.


When the curtains are clean, place them in the dryer and use the recommended setting from the care instructions. A permanent press or no-heat cycle is usually the best. Toss in a few damp towels with the curtains to keep them from balling up and wrinkling as they dry. Take them out of the dryer while they're still slightly damp and put them back on the curtain rod to air dry the rest of the way.


If you don't want to do a full wash cycle, use a spray bottle to moisten the curtains. Then, skip to the drying part, making sure you add damp towels with the curtains. Complete the process the same way as you would if you did a full wash cycle.

Dampen and Hang

Wetting the curtains and hanging them while damp to air dry helps get rid of wrinkles. You can run the curtains through a wash cycle according to the care instructions or mist them with a spray bottle until they're damp. The added weight of the wet fabric helps pull down the curtains and get rid of wrinkles. Place them on the curtain rod and stretch them across the curtain rod so the panels are straight and wrinkle-free. Allow the fabric to fully dry before opening the curtains.



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