How to Get Creases Out of a Polyester Tablecloth

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Things You'll Need

  • Pressing cloth or fabric

  • Iron

Use a pressing cloth when ironing to help protect a polyester tablecloth.

After unfolding a new tablecloth, you'll quickly notice those pesky creases. Even after washing and drying the tablecloth, they may still be there and with wrinkles too. Before you iron a polyester tablecloth -- which if done incorrectly may burn, melt, stain or shrink the fabric -- try rewashing and drying it in a manner that reduces wrinkles and helps get rid of creases. Then, iron only if necessary.


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Step 1

Wash the polyester tablecloth in warm water, using the permanent press wash option.

Step 2

Dry the tablecloth in the dryer. It should not be overcrowded or it will wrinkle. Set the dryer on the permanent press setting.

Step 3

Remove the tablecloth immediately after the dryer stops. Straighten out the tablecloth with your hands and hang it over a clothesline, chair or railing so the wrinkles and creases settle, which usually takes about three or four hours. If any wrinkles or creases remain, proceed to the next step.


Step 4

Turn the tablecloth on its backside on an ironing board. Lightly spray the tablecloth with water and place a pressing cloth or piece of plain cotton fabric, such as a white pillowcase, on top.

Step 5

Set an iron on the synthetic fiber setting and iron out the remaining creases and wrinkles. Continue to spray the tablecloth one section at a time as you iron it. The pressing cloth or fabric should always be between the tablecloth and iron to protect the tablecloth from any damage.



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