If You Have a Bidet, You Really Need This, Too

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It's amazing curious how toilet paper is such a hot commodity these days. I honestly can't find it anywhere. And yet, I'm OK because I have a new Tushy bidet.


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Right from the start, let me say that it has surprised me how much I love my bidet. But, it also surprised me how I was supposed to use it. No toilet paper at all, my husband said to me.

Huh? How do you dry off?

With a towel, he replied.


Ohhh. For some reason, I hadn't realized it. But, of course.

If you're thinking that it seems somewhat odd, gross, or unpleasant to use a towel after using a bidet (like I admittedly originally thought), trust me when I say it's necessary. And not gross at all because a bidet is masterful at getting you clean, so a towel simply helps to dry your booty. Just go with it and don't fight it. If you have a bidet, you need it. (Also, no more TP anxiety dreams.)


Tushy sells bamboo towels for your bum, however they are currently sold out. So I had to look elsewhere and stumbled upon washcloths that are budget-friendly, and more importantly, they are super soft too. (Because remember where you're using it. Trust me, you want soft.) Here's my new find:

AmazonBasics Terry Cotton Washcloths, $16.99, pack of 24


I've put my washcloths through the laundry several times now and they continue to retain their softness. I simply roll my clean towels up and place them in a cute little basket located next to my toilet –and it has become a worry-free set-up.

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