14 Mind-Blowing IKEA Items Under $1 (Yes, a DOLLAR)

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IKEA is one of our favorite one-stop shops for all things bargain. Previously, we've been obsessed over their items that cost less than $5, but did you know that IKEA has plenty of products that are less than a buck? Literally $0.99 or less. Crazy. CRAZY! Check out our favorites below:


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These tea light holders can certainly brighten up a room; otherwise they could easily house jewelry or even make cute little nut bowls.

We dare you to find a cheaper one on Amazon.

Because, hello: Most useful IKEA product EVER.

These handy hooks can go anywhere from the hallway to the laundry room to the kitchen. Even better, you can write on the surfaces with Sharpie over and over again.

Leave it to IKEA to create plastic baggies that aren't just useful, but pretty too.


A fake plant + a pot for under a buck? What country are we living in??

One of our favorites of the bunch, the Stelna glass mugs are the apex of great Scandi design.

Pruta apparently means "bargain" in Swedish, which is a pretty apt way to describe this tri-pack of food containers.

If you're planning a large party or wedding (at some point in a very vaccinated future, we'd hope), it would probably be cheaper just to buy a bunch of these IKEA vases than renting.

Our editors have been known to scoop up these classic dish towels by the dozen to outfit their kitchens — or even for use as rustic table linens.


So helpful. So cheap.

Got a big patio project but not a lot of moolah? Try putting your new plants in a bunch of these galvanized pots — at $0.49 each, you could seriously get a dozen and hardly eat into your budget.

While cardboard storage boxes might not last forever, they are certainly a good stop-gap when you just need to put your shit somewhere.

If you're buying fancy sponges or dish brushes, just stop. STOP. You could be cleaning with one of these, which each costs less than a soda.


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