6 Dollar Tree TikTok Hacks We Actually Want to Replicate

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How do we love thee, TikTok? Let us count the ways by rounding up our favorite Dollar Tree TikTok hacks that make us want to DIY every day. Seriously — the following creations and transformations will make you want to locate your nearest Dollar Tree ASAP.

1. A $3 Lazy Susan

When we discovered that you can DIY a Lazy Susan using Dollar Tree items, thanks to @doitonadimeofficial, our minds were blown. All you need is two round cake pans and a set of marbles. Why did no one tell us this before?

2. A Sunglass Display Case

This one truly made us do a double take. User @jaymuneediy discovered that you can make your very own sunglass display case using Dollar Tree trays, rulers, wood glue, and the hardware on the back of a picture frame (also from Dollar Tree).

3. A Folding Board

To get that perfect fold every time you're putting away your laundry, @lenniamc created an affordable, DIY folding board using Dollar Tree items. She used six cutting boards and duct tape — that's it!

4. A Renter-Friendly Backsplash

User @blondesigns discovered how to create a Dollar Tree backsplash that's perfect for renters. Start with self-adhesive wall tile, paint the tile and the grout, shellac the tile, and then place it on the wall. It completely transforms a space.

5. A Lipstick Holder

Using a paper towel roll, zip ties, and a can of gold spray paint, @pamelapedrozaa creates the ideal holder for all her lip products.

6. A Fridge Organization System

User @adry_dreamsnails was able to transform the inside of her fridge using Dollar Tree storage bins, containers, and more. We are seriously impressed.

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