Create a $3 Lazy Susan With This Genius Dollar Tree TikTok Hack

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We're always collecting new kitchen organization ideas, but this TikTok hack we just discovered might take the cake (literally). Created by @doitonadimeofficial, the video shows you how to make a Lazy Susan for only $3.


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Using items sourced from the Dollar Tree, this hack is ideal for anyone who hates digging through their cabinets for small items like spices. All you need is a set of marbles and two cake pans of the same size. Place the marbles in one cake pan and put the other cake pan on top of the marbles. Then, you're able to easily spin the top pan around.


This could also make for a fun craft project if you want to paint the pans a different color to match your kitchen aesthetic. You could even splurge for more expensive pans that would look stylish on your countertops and tables.

Though you can find these items at the Dollar Tree, you can also order them online if you're not able to shop in person. Amazon sells a set of 20 marbles for $4.99 and a set of two cake pans for $14.