This Storage Hack Will Organize Your Plastic Bags, Once and for All

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It's no secret that reusable bags are best for the environment. And yet, even if you regularly use them, the plastic versions can sometimes find their way into the home. Sound familiar? If so, you'll want to try a clever storage hack by @byjillee on Instagram.


Video of the Day

In a recent video, @byjillee shows us how to turn an empty tissue box into a plastic bag dispenser. Simply insert the bottom half of a plastic bag into the box so that the handles are sticking out. "Thread" the next plastic bag through the handles, ultimately linking the two bags together.

Push the linked portion into the box and repeat the process to continue adding bags. This way, every time you pull out a bag, it will automatically bring out the next one. And just like that, you have a pop-up dispenser!


As a bonus, the box will prevent those pesky plastic bags from filling up your cabinets and making a mess. It also looks more attractive than most conventional plastic bag holders.


Again, reusable bags will always be the way to go. But if you do end up with a few plastic bags, this is an excellent (and free) way store them.

Other ways to store plastic bags:

An empty container of disinfecting wipes also works as a plastic bag holder. This option might even be better than a tissue box, as the container is more durable and waterproof. You can even decorate it with adhesive paper to make it more aesthetically pleasing.


The first step is to remove the lid. Add the first bag, then insert the next bag through the handles. Repeat this process until the container is full. The next time you need a bag, open the flip-top feature and pull one out. How's that for budget-friendly organizing?


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