11 Extra Clever Ways to Use IKEA Raskog Cart

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IKEA's three-tier Raskog cart ($29.99) is beyond useful. The compact, rolling device is ideal for creating makeshift storage in small spaces like bathrooms and studio apartments — but people also find highly specific ways to hack the Raskog to fit their lives. Let's take a look at these genius ways to use it:


1. Start a mobile herb garden.

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The benefit of this is you can adjust the position to catch the best sunlight.

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2. Create a nursery storage station.

One of the more practical applications of the Raskog is to put it in a nursery, where storage needs are constantly changing.

3. Set up a beautiful craft cart.

By adding hanging buckets, you can increase space.

4. It's the ideal family dinner trolley.

The Raskog is a popular IKEA item in European family homes. Instead of making multiple trips between the kitchen and dining room, wheel everything out/back on a cart.


5. Install a rolling library.

Book storage is a great way to use the rolling carts. You can mimic a bookshelf setup as seen here, but it's more popularly used as the "overflow" spot when your shelving is full-up.

6. Store gym/exercise equipment.

As working out at home becomes an increasingly appealing choice, chances are you'll have lots of unsightly accessories hanging around. Keep them tidy like so!


7. Devise a moveable fruit/veg bowl.

This is such a great idea, especially if you're short on counter space — take your fruit/veg bowl vertical instead.

8. Build an outdoor bar cart.

Check out our DIY to transform the Raskog into a classy outdoor drinks station.


9. Fashion a fun bathroom caddy.

Here's a super fun idea for a small kids' bathroom — a Harry Potter-themed cart to hold extra towels and toilet paper.

10. Dream up a sewing cart with extras.

Attach an IKEA Skadis pegboard ($9.99) to the side of your cart to create extra storage.


11. Give your cats a new hangout.

No joke, Instagram is full of pics of cats hanging out in the Raskog cart. Each compartment is perfectly sized for a fluffy friend!



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