Drowning in Shower and Bathtub Ideas? This Handy Guide Will Narrow Things Down

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We all long to showcase a touch of luxury in our bathroom. But when you really think about it, is there anything more luxurious than the bathtub or shower? Or a spacious shower-tub combo. If you're stressed, you can soak or rinse the day away.

So, if you're in the process of gathering bathroom shower ideas to create your dream interior design, we're here with some helpful tips that will help you make a decision once and for all. Our guide will walk you through tub shower design ideas — from shower floors to shower walls and shower tile — all so can create your ideal, modern.


Shower Style Ideas

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

When approaching your interior design, it's often easiest to concentrate on what your home's feel or theme. That's not to say that your bathroom needs to match your home, but deciding on a shower theme can help you select the other materials needed in your bathroom makeover. Whether you're aiming for something minimalist or contemporary, or, in the opposite direction, something more homespun, like farmhouse, we have plenty of inspiration for you. Scroll through the articles below to browse different style ideas:

Different Types of Showers and Bathtubs

If you're going into a bathroom remodel, you'll be faced with plenty of options to install in your new interior. The first thing to consider is the layout of your bathroom — how much space does your bathroom allow? In large, master bathrooms, you might consider installing a separate shower and tub for a bathroom feel that's truly spa-like. But for smaller bathrooms, walk-in showers will better suit your needs. Read on for more specifics on different shower types.

Bathtub-Shower Combos

A bathtub-shower combo can allow for a bathtub and is one of the most common types of showers. As the name implies, this option includes a tub that is usually fitted to the space (as opposed to a freestanding tub) with a showerhead that is attached to the wall or, in some cases, ceiling. This option is ideal for master bathrooms and small bathrooms alike. A bathtub-shower combo is also the ideal way to show off a splashy shower curtain, although many can be fitted with glass doors or with a non-door shower enclosure (like a piece of frameless glass).


Corner Showers

A corner shower can fit oh-so-easily into an awkward corner, which is ideal if you have a small bathroom.

Walk-In Showers

If you have room, a walk-in shower feels très luxe. A walk-in shower can be incredibly spa-like with the addition of frameless glass shower doors. And, you can always add a bathtub to your walk-in shower if you want the best of both worlds.

Alcove Showers

This classic configuration is made to fit into any space, and as the name implies, can be modeled to fit into a carved out area of your bathroom.

Open Showers

Open showers are typically contiguous with the bathroom floor, with only a panel or some type of simple barrier. This is ideal if you're after a modern bathroom. Recent trends include sleek, frameless glass, or a glass-and-steel partition.


In the world of bathtubs, there are some standard styles available. A freestanding tub looks sleek and modern and stands alone, finished on all sides, and this can include vintage-chic clawfoot tubs. To use up pockets of space in a diminutive bath, a corner-shaped tub or a drop-in tub, which is literally dropped into a surround, can put those gaps to good use.

Shower Tile Ideas

To level up the look of your shower, you can add decorative tile. Ceramic or porcelain tend to be the standard, and you can add it to the floor, walls, or both. Certain types of shower tile, such as stone or glass tile, tend to be more expensive but can make a stylish statement, especially when installed in a mosaic pattern. For something standard but classic, try white subway tiles. For a bathroom feel that edges on luxe, marble tile can be added to your shower walls.

When selecting your shower tile, you'll want to consider everything from the floor tile, to the ceiling, as well as the walls. Shower tile is also your moment to play with color.


Shower Tile Ideas by Color

A real way to up the wow factor of your bathroom is to go all in on color in your shower. Check out the following articles for inspiration:

Shower Storage Ideas

If you have a small bathroom, storage is key, and your shower can actually serve as a functional storage space. Adding caddies or shelving (easiest to DIY on a non-tiled wall) can give you more space, while a recessed shower shelf design can offer an ideal spot for shampoo bottles (especially in a small shower). In larger showers — think a large walk-in shower in a master bathroom — the addition of a shower bench can create a space to store bins below. Check out the following ideas for more shower storage:

Bathroom Shower Fixture and Bathtub Fittings

For the finishing touch, you'll need to ponder the bathtub and bathroom shower fixtures. In a shower, you can choose a fixed showerhead that can be mounted to the wall, or for an extra dose of indulgence, it can be installed in the ceiling for a rain-shower effect. A shower kit can include the head along with a hand shower and other features. Fittings also include temperature valves and body sprays if you prefer a head-to-toe, full body experience.

In a bathtub, the fixtures are a little simpler. You'll naturally need a faucet, but you also may want to consider a hand shower to be placed alongside the faucet so you can have the option of rinsing off while you soak. Additionally, you can get a tub with jets for a relaxing massage experience.

Where to Shop for Showers and Bathtubs

When pulling together bathroom shower ideas and bathtub ideas, you can either peruse showrooms in person or discover options online.


The Home Depot

For industry standards and stylish choices alike, look no further than The Home Depot, a tried-and-true retailer for bathtubs. Choose from alcoves, freestanding tubs, drop-ins, and beyond.


Wayfair has several shower stalls and shower enclosures on its website, including on-trend versions like frameless glass enclosures or ones with framed detailing.

American Standard

Looking for a bit more style and guaranteed durability? Here, we suggest American Standard for your bathtub ideas. Page through classic designs like freestanding tubs and alcove versions with simple aesthetics that will stand the test of time.


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