11 Corner Shower Ideas That Will Make Your Small Bath Feel a Bit Roomier

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In a small bathroom, it's basically a requirement to make the most of every single little square inch. This can be accomplished with a carefully thought out floor plan and efficient touches, like installing a wall-mounted toilet, skipping the vanity in lieu of a pedestal sink, or turning to wall shelves for storage instead of cabinets. And if you're starting your bathroom remodel from scratch, a corner shower is another way you can max out your space.


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Tucked neatly into a corner of your bath, this type of shower stays out of the way and can be framed with glass or not framed at all. If you choose to forgo a shower door, that can also be a great way to save space. But before you commit to this route, there are a couple of things to consider. First of all, you'll need to ponder the shape. Do you prefer a square shower stall? Or one that's curved? Also, know that most corner showers are zero-entry or curbless, so although there's a drain, there will be no separation between the shower floor and the rest of your bath. This means that if it's not designed correctly, water will spill out all over the rest of the floor.


The biggest pro of a corner shower is that it's perfect for a small bathroom. You can easily buy a prefab corner shower kit and drop it in yourself, or it can be custom-made. On the other hand, if there is a door, it can rust over time. And of course, you can say goodbye to a bathtub.

That being said, a corner shower is a brilliant way to take full advantage of a small bathroom. Here are 11 ideas to get you started.


1. Subway tile is a no-fail choice.

When a corner shower is framed with clear glass, it only makes sense to make it a showstopping aspect in your small bathroom. Subway tile is a foolproof way to add a dose of style. Here, Seri of Little Miss Party meshed classic white wall tile with patterned floor tile, a glass enclosure, and brass fixtures.


2. Go big or go home.

Perhaps the back wall of your bathroom will allow for a grand corner shower, even if the rest of your space is lacking in square footage. If you want to devote a sizeable chunk of real estate to your shower, we say go for it. Between the chrome fixtures, white brick walls, and large bench, this corner shower by Emily Henderson is a luxe dream come true.


3. Punctuate with linear details.

Let's say that your frameless corner shower could use, well, a bit of framing. If you'd like your setup to stand out more, consider industrial-inspired, black linear details à la this eye-catching design belonging to Lindi and Russel of Love Create Celebrate.


4. Utilize shower curtains.

Sometimes, a shower doesn't require any glass or doors at all. In fact, with a corner shower rod, a couple of shower curtains will more than suffice, saving you space and money. It's an approach that Paige of Farmhouse Vernacular perfected in her bathroom.


5. Play with patterns.

To prevent your corner shower from fading into the background, set it apart with clever patterns and color play. For instance, Gabe and Anna of In Honor of Design gave their shower enclosure personality with the help of marble shower walls. They pair nicely with the accompanying blue floor tile and geometric wall tile throughout the rest of the space.


6. Embrace a rounded shape.

Maybe you're not a fan of square corner showers. In that case, you can always pick a curved design instead. With a rounded shower base, this bathroom setup belonging to Melanie of Melanie Jade Design offers soft visuals amid modern elements.

7. Don’t forget a shower stool.

Glass doors permit you to show off a little decor in your corner shower. For a practical and stylish touch, include a shower stool. This tiny perch, chosen by Alison Giese Interiors, is the perfect place to stash toiletries, washcloths, and even a small plant. Plus, it's an ideal spot to shave, too.

8. Include bits of storage.

If you're building your corner shower enclosure from the ground up, it's important to include storage here and there. For example, in this design belonging to Kim and Scott of Yellow Brick Home, a nook for toiletries and a mini shelf for essentials fit in flawlessly alongside the showerhead and fittings.

9. Wrap in black-and-white accents.

Just because a corner shower can be on the small side that doesn't mean it can't spotlight tons of style, too. You can transform your setup into a black-and-white graphic masterpiece by opting for white subway tile with black grout and a modern shower curtain design — a look that Swatts & Co. perfected in this bath.

10. Shiplap it up.

Perhaps you're dealing with an existing corner shower and you want to give it a makeover. If it's acrylic or another material you'd rather hide, you can always dress it up in farmhouse-ready shiplap. The team at Savvy Interiors shares a tutorial so you can get get the look.

11. Use a punchy color.

Like any shower, it doesn't ​have​ to be outfitted in top-to-bottom white tile. If a current and vibrant look appeals to you more, clad your shower walls in mint-green tile and complement with a geometric floor tile, like Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth.