These Modern Shower Ideas Are Cleaning Up

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There's one area of the home that I'm convinced modern style works every single time: the shower. After all, the inherent clean and crisp nature of modern design lends itself perfectly to a functional and beautiful bathroom — it's easy to clean, and gorgeous to look at.


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But before you get the sledgehammer out and start having a self-proclaimed #demoday, allow us to share a few of our favorite modern shower ideas that you may have overlooked. Between discreet drains, sleek hardware, and statement tile, we're not leaving any detail behind.

1. Pair an industrial-style shower panel with classic tile.

Bre of Brepurposed shows us how to marry a modern and industrial aesthetic with a classic edge, thanks to a steel frame shower panel. To recreate this look, pair 6x6 subway tile with hexagon mosaic tile on the floor in all-white. A vintage rug adds just enough character and warmth to this otherwise modern bathroom.


2. Go for a full glass enclosure.

Here it is folks: the modern shower idea of our dreams. An all-glass shower enclosure feels sleek and sophisticated paired with a chic black and white palette. Top it all off with black trim and a shower bench to make it all the more luxurious.


3. Opt for matte black hardware.

Matte black hardware is a game-changer in this modern shower idea. Paired with a subway tile backsplash and sleek glass enclosure, the pop of black makes a statement without overpowering the rest of the design. To recreate this look, be sure to use matching grout with your white tile to keep the look as clean and streamlined as possible.


4. Modernize a shower and tub combo with glass.

A shower/tub combo can instantly feel dated, but this black and white bath makes the look feel brand new with a modern glass shower panel in place of a traditional shower curtain. Classic white subway tile gets an edgy makeover with black grout and black penny tile breathes new life into a traditional tub.


5. Make a bold statement with black subway tile.

While subway tile might not seem like a groundbreaking modern shower idea, Shea of Studio McGee proves us wrong by making a dramatic statement in black.


6. Or, green subway tile.

Classic subway tile becomes modern and reimagined when you select a bold and on-trend color such as green. And if you really want to take your bathroom to the next level, install in a straight line or stack bond format, as seen in this modern shower belonging to Chris Loves Julia. Copy the look by pairing with a contrasting floor tile in the same color — it adds enough interest without feeling too busy.


7. Splurge on a marble shower bench.

Make a modern and luxurious statement with a marble shower bench against a tiled marble wall and ceiling in a walk-in shower. To incorporate this modern shower idea by Shea from Studio McGee into your own space, pair with dual wall mount showerheads and a rain showerhead in matte black for an ultra high-end feel.


8. Keep the floor tile in the shower consistent with the rest of the flooring.

Keeping the flooring in the shower consistent and level with the rest of your bathroom floor gives an instantly clean, modern look. Copy this look from the Hunker House with large marble tile with gray veining and a glass shower panel.


9. Mix metal finishes.

While adding brass finishes tends to feel more traditional, mixing them with polished nickel keeps the overall look in this bathroom designed by Born and Bred Studio current and modern, especially when paired with a bold-patterned floor tile.


10. Keep it fresh and clean with an all-white shower.

All-white everything is a go-to modern shower idea that we seem to reference time and time again. To recreate this style from Emily Henderson in your own bath, add an accent of deep navy to provide plenty of contrast against the light and bright shower finishes.

11. Incorporate shower niches.

Shower niches can often look dated when paired with an accent tile, but when kept simple and clean, as seen in this modern shower idea by Emily Henderson Design, they're anything but. Simply keep your wall tile and niche tile consistent to avoid a kitschy or busy final result.

12.  Opt for a linear shower drain.

Yes, it may initially seem like overkill to spend too much time considering your shower drain, but you've heard the saying: the devil is in the details. A linear shower drain, as seen in this modern shower idea, allows the flooring to run seamlessly, and uninterrupted, providing a modern and sleek finished look.


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