A Comprehensive List of Every Beautiful Bathroom Design Style to Consider

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Never underestimate the power of a well-designed bathroom. Whether you have a sprawling, spa-like space or pint-sized powder room, your bathroom is a great place to take risks. Not sure how you want to style your bathroom? Don't worry; we're breaking down key bathroom design ideas below. From eclectic bohemian to pared-down midcentury modernism, there's bound to be a bathroom style or theme here for you.

Bohemian Bathroom

If your visual taste skews on the "more is more" end of the spectrum, try your luck with a bohemian bathroom. With a penchant for bold patterns, plenty of color, and light fixtures focused on natural textures, bohemian bathrooms throw the design rulebook out the proverbial window. You can pair unassuming pieces together for an unapologetically eclectic look. Want something slightly more polished? The Jungalow's Justina Blakeney paired varying hues and prints of the same color family.

Scandinavian Bathroom

It's no secret we have a low-key crush on Scandinavian style. Between its pared-back silhouettes and energetic jolts of color, this style has earned a well-deserved space in our bathrooms. While Scandi-chic bathrooms can come in many forms, we love the cheery flair Australian-based firm MRTN Architects brought to this small bathroom.

Industrial Bathroom

No, the industrial look isn't confined to urban lofts; it's also a viable style for your bathroom. For example, Ilana from Mommy Shorts puts the industrial spirit front and center with a wooden cabinet, iron caged light fixtures, and classic subway tiles. You can also consider concrete countertops or sinks to bring in that industrial spirit.

Farmhouse Bathroom

Anyone who wants to up their bathroom's cozy factor should try the modern farmhouse look on for size. Studio McGee, for example, teeters between charming and chic by bringing in painted wood paneling, globe bulb lighting, and a console sink with exposed fixtures. If you really want to drive the farmhouse look home, try a trough sink.

Midcentury Bathroom

Midcentury-inspired style has taken center stage in home design, and when you bring colors and shapes inspired by the '50s and 60's into the bathroom, you're sure to create a look that feels fresh and creative. One place to start is with tile, like the vintage motif employed in this delightfully green powder room by Bright Designlab. Next, think about light fixtures that feature round shapes or Sputnik forms. Finally, you can always increase your midcentury style by bringing in a vintage vanity.

Rustic Bathroom

Rustic bathrooms have a lot in common with farmhouse styles, but they tend to be a bit more woodsy or cabin inspired. Think raw wood features, shiplap, and accessories inspired by nature.

Contemporary Bathroom

How do you define a contemporary bathroom? Think innovative ideas that challenge the status quo — like the cylinder sink and sandy marble tub in this bathroom by Decus. Look for interesting shapes, unusual colors, and streamlined light fixtures.

Vintage Bathroom

A vintage bathroom could quite literally feature vintage items — like a 1920s claw-foot tub or a midcentury vanity — or it could feature lighting and fittings that feel inspired by a different era.

Modern Bathroom

Looking for a style that's sophisticated and not too busy? Consider a modern bathroom. Think clean lines, simple colors, geometric shapes, simple fittings, and striking light fixtures.

Spa Bathroom

Want to create a luxury, hotel-like experience in your home? Bring a spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom by creating an open and airy space defined by soothing colors, plants, and indulgent accessories like high-quality tea towels and candles. If you really want your bathroom to be a sanctuary, then consider investing in a sleek, freestanding tub.