7 Blankets That Do More Than Just Blanket

credit: Kickstarter

The trusty blanket is a household staple, but blanket innovations don't come about all too often. So when they do, of course we're all ears. There are several blankets on the market right now that do more than just merely blanket, so allow us to share them with you below.

credit: Rumpl

This blanket buttons up to turn into a poncho. It's waterproof and has a media pouch and beverage holder, too. Talk about a multitasker.

sex blanket
credit: Thinx

In case a humble towel isn't worthy and you have $370 burning a hole in your pocket. But in all seriousness, this blanket is by Thinx — that company known for its period panties — so they know a thing or two about absorption.

footed blanket
credit: Brookstone

Is there anything worse than cozying up in a blanket only to have your hypothermic feet pop out the bottom? No. The answer is no.

Perfect for a hike or a picnic in the park, this blanket fits right into your pocket. It's water repellent, puncture resistant, and large enough to seat four.

weighted blanket
credit: Kickstarter

Weighted blankets are huge this year because they help relieve anxiety for some. This particular one is special because it's eco-friendly and made in the U.S.

cooling blanket
credit: Gravity

You ever want that feeling of being cozied up without simultaneously sweating to death? Well, then this is the blanket for you. Its fabric wicks moisture and it's also weighted for maximum relaxation.

celliant blanket
credit: Yaasa

This blanket is made with Celliant fibers, which are FDA approved. They "temporarily promote increased local blood flow," and thus: increase energy, endurance, stamina, and performance; help you recover faster from physical activity; and promote restful sleep and increased comfort.