I Tried This Summer-Friendly Weighted Blanket — Here's What I Thought

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If you've ever snuggled up under a weighted blanket before, you know how comforting they can be. They offer just the right amount of evenly distributed pressure to your body to help relieve stress, anxiety, restlessness, and more — while also keeping you warm. During the colder months, the added warmth is a welcome perk, allowing you to feel all cozy and snug while you read, watch TV, and sleep. But come summer? It can be stifling.


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That's exactly why Bearaby launched the Tree Napper, a chunky knit weighted blanket that's made with organic, plant-based Tencel and cotton. For those who are unfamiliar, Tencel Lyocell is made out of a wood pulp that uses 10x less water than conventional fibers and is fully biodegradable, which makes it one of the most sustainable fabrics around. It's also one of the coolest fabrics available, making it a go-to pick for sheets for those who run hot while sleeping.

I was lucky enough to try one out and can confirm it is heavy, comforting, and somehow also cooling. At first glance, it looks like those trendy cable-knit blankets you see on Pinterest that seem like they were just tossed upon a bed or sofa without care (but look perfectly chic, of course). It was a different story once I picked it up though.

It comes in three different weights — 15, 20, and 25 pounds — and there's a little quiz to help you determine which weight is best for you if you're unsure. I went with the 15-pound blanket since I move around a lot in my sleep and didn't want to feel like I was stuck in one position, but it's definitely still a hefty blanket. I find it's easier to get in a comfortable position and then pull the blanket on top of me, rather than trying to get comfortable when already underneath it. It's perfect for those who can't sleep without some kind of sheet or blanket on top of them, but also run hot in the summer. It gave me such a feeling of comfort and support without any of the stifling discomforts of a blanket that I normally feel during the summer heat. I really can't explain how, but it somehow feels cool to the touch no matter how long you use it.

It also comes in five gorgeous colors that were honestly hard to choose between. I chose the Pomegranate, which is a deep wine shade, but there's also the rosy sand Papaya, a warm neutral called Almond, a deep emerald dubbed Rosemary, and an appropriately named Avocado that's a bold chartreuse. It's also machine-washable, less than $250, and comes with a 30-day no-risk return policy if you find it's not for you. After weeks of being sold out in every color and weight, it's finally back in stock — but we anticipate it won't be back for long.

If the current state of the world is giving you any level of stress or anxiety — and, honestly, we'd be surprised if it wasn't — this blanket is the perfect investment. Our advice? Pop on Spotify's Yoga and Meditation playlist, curl up under this breathable weighted blanket, and take some calming deep breaths — you'll feel better in no time.

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