bedroom showing a bed with gray sheets and a wood backdrop with a side table and framed art print nearby
credit: Brooklinen

Some us hold strong opinions about our bedding, whether it's why top sheets are the worst or what makes the perfect bed for hibernation. Some of us run cold when we snooze, others run hot. There's no one-size-fits-all type of bed sheets (although, we can at least agree that putting on fitted sheets is a struggle).

If you're in the market for new bed sheets, we've got some suggestions. Brands nowadays are frequently releasing new sheets made with unique materials, while keeping the environment in mind.

Here are a few options for bed sheets, based on your deepest desires for a comfy bed:

1. If you want durable sheets that are sustainability-focused.

bed with white sheets with a small stripe
credit: West Elm

This fair-trade certified option combines hemp with organic cotton to create a texture that "gets softer with every wash," according to a recent press release from West Elm. Hemp makes for a more eco-friendly material than cotton — the site explains it "uses half as much water and land as cotton" — while also looking chic. The bedding is made with natural plant dyes.

2. If you need hypoallergenic sheets that also feel smooth.

overhead photo of a bed with white sheets
credit: Ettitude

Ettitude's eco-friendly CleanBamboo™ sheets are designed to feel super silky while keeping the environment in mind. They're hypoallergenic and made of 300 thread organic bamboo lyocell, which the company created to differentiate itself from bamboo bedding made "using toxic rayon or viscose technology." It also keeps you cool at night.

3. If you're into breathable sheets with natural dyes.

bed with wood frame and gray bedsheets
credit: Buffy

Buffy wanted to create more breathable sheets, so it landed on eucalyptus ones created with no bleach or harsh chemicals. The natural dye materials vary based on the hue you choose, but a few of the ingredients include pomegranate, turmeric, indigo, and walnut.

4. If you're always thinking about skin care.

bed with white frame and blue sheets
credit: Silvon

Silvon's sheets, "woven with pure silver," are all about fighting against the bacteria that cause breakouts. They're meant to also be soft and comfortable, so you can sleep well for multiple reasons. According to Daily Beast, there hasn't been a ton of research about silver-infused products, but Silvon currently boasts more than 2,000 reviews.

5. If you need your sheets to feel super soft.

bedroom with small wood side table, woven lamp shade and bed with white sheets
credit: Coyuchi

Few words make us feel as cozy or eager to get into bed as "cloud brushed." Coyuchi's Cloud Brushed™ Organic Flannel has been "brushed many times to create an incredibly soft hand," according to the brand's website. The sheets run on the warmer side, with medium breathability.

6. If you like a sleek look.

bedroom with side table with white lamp, bed with white sheets, and colorful artwork above the bed
credit: Brooklinen

Created with a "buttery-smooth weave," Brooklinen's luxe sheets sateen sound perfect for sleeping in on the weekends. The 480 thread count sheets come in six colors (including a pane pattern). Sateen, according to the brand's website, refers to "a type of weave where multiple warp (aka horizontal) threads go over one single weft (vertical) thread."

7. If you sleep hot and want to cool down.

If you live in a warmer climate and have tried just about everything to stay cool, here's another option to add to your list. My Sheets Rock carries cooling sheets comically called "The Regulator." They're created from "the highest-grade bamboo rayon," according to the brand's site. They're moisture-wicking and designed to reduce humidity and also prevent any, um, less-than-pleasant smells.

8. If you love getting cozy during sweater weather.

bedroom showing a bed with gray sheets and a wood backdrop with a side table and framed art print nearby
credit: Brooklinen

Made specifically for sweater weather, Brooklinen's heathered cashmere sheets are 95% cotton and 5% Himalayan cashmere. And even though they're meant to keep you warm, the brand assures customers it won't make you feel too hot. They're also limited edition, making them just a little fancier.

9. If you hate seeing wrinkled sheets.

cream colored pillows and sheet
credit: Pottery Barn

If you like your sheets to look pristine no matter how many times you throw yourself into bed after a long day, these sheets are calling your name. These Pottery Barn sheets are made of Tencel, aka "an eco-friendly fiber that is soft, breathable and naturally wrinkle-resistant." The Lyocell fiber is also used in a "closed-loop process that recaptures 99% of all waste," giving these sophisticated sheets an eco-friendly edge.

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