You Will NEVER Struggle Putting on a Fitted Sheet After This Hack

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Why is it that every time you put a new fitted sheet on your bed, you feel like you're living in a bad infomercial? Why doesn't it fit? Which is the right way? WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT?


The most frustrating part: feeling like you've finally got the sheet on the right way, until you go to a corner and realize — nope! Time to shift it around again.

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But here's some knowledge that will ensure you never have to go through that fitted sheet guesswork again. All you have to do is locate the tag inside your sheet. That corner will always go on the bottom right corner of your mattress. So just remember: Tag. Bottom right.


But, wait, there's more: If you want to make your fitted sheet dealings even easier, then instead of moving to the nearest corner, tuck the corner diagonal to the tag corner first. If your sheet is a little snug, this will make it a bit easier to get the final two corners on.

Boom. Done.



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