How to Put Fitted Sheets on King-Size Beds

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Do you dread wrestling with your fitted sheets on laundry day? The idea of washing bed linens is bad enough, but getting fitted sheets to go on easily and stay in place makes it even less appealing. Larger king-size fitted sheets often take more work to maneuver because of the size. With a few helpful tips and tricks, it's easier to position a king-size fitted sheet and keep it from slipping off the mattress.


Choosing the Right Fitted Sheets

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You know you need king-size sheets for a king-size mattress, but not all sheets are the same. Mattresses vary in thickness, from low-profile mattresses that are 5 inches or less in height to extra-thick mattresses measuring 16 inches or more high. Fitted sheets also come in different depths to work with mattresses of different heights.


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If you have a low-profile king-size mattress, deep-pocket sheets will be way too big for it. Likewise, standard sheets will be difficult to get around an extra-thick mattress. Measure the thickness of your mattress and choose sheets that are designed for mattresses of that size to make the job easier.

How to Put on Fitted Sheets

With the correct size of sheet in hand, you're ready to make your king-size bed. The process is often easier with two people, so you can help hold the corners in place while the other person pulls the sheet to pull the other corners in place. Follow these steps to get the job done:


  1. Clear the bed of all pillows, blankets, and other items. Starting with a clear mattress makes putting on the fitted sheet easier.

  2. Look for the tag on the inside corner of the sheet. The tag usually goes on the bottom right corner of the sheet. It can be difficult to tell which direction a fitted sheet goes, especially if it's fully elasticized, so this trick can make it easier.

  3. Position the fitted sheet on top of the mattress so the corner with the tag is at the foot of the bed on the right side.

  4. Pull one corner to the foot of the bed and slide the corner pocket over the corner of the bed so the elastic goes under the mattress.

  5. Pull the other bottom corner to the other corner at the foot of the bed and slide it over the mattress.

  6. Move to the head of the bed, repeating the procedure with each corner. Pull the sheet over the corner of the king-size mattress and secure it with the elastic under the mattress.


Tips for Keeping Sheets Secure

If your king-size sheets slip off the mattress constantly, try adding a mattress protector, which sometimes adds a little friction to help keep the fitted sheet in place. You can also get sheet straps that go under the mattress and clip to the corners of the fitted sheet to keep it snug. Trying sheets made of different fabrics can also help. Cotton tends to be less slippery and stays in place better than sheets made of satin or silk.



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