How to Make a Bed With a Mattress Topper

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Things You'll Need

  • Fitted sheet

  • Flat sheet

  • Blanket

  • Pillow(s)

  • Duvet, comforter or bedspread


Deep-pocket fitted sheets come in a range of colors and fabrics. You are sure to find one to suit your bedroom decor.

A neat and tidy bed can be a source of pride to any homemaker, college student or even child. The precision and symmetry of a well-made bed can lend a sense of order, and even security to a bedroom. Perhaps you felt perfectly confident about making the bed--until you purchased a mattress topper. Toppers increase the thickness of the bed, adding a new wrinkle--pun intended--to making it tidy. With a little patience, and the right type of sheet, you can make up your bed admirably.


Step 1

Use a deep-pocket fitted sheet. Secure it at the corners of the bed and tuck in the sides. Sheets with deep pockets can typically accommodate up to 22 inches in height, while regular fitted sheets may accommodate as little as 11 inches. If you use a regular fitted sheet with your mattress topper, you will not be able to pull the elasticized portion of the fitted sheet to the bottom of your mattress. The fitted sheet might slip, or come off altogether, as you sleep.

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Step 2

Place the flat sheet on the bed. With the fitted sheet securely in place, place the flat sheet on top. Make sure the sheet's sides hang evenly on either side of the mattress. Tuck the sheet in at the foot of the bed. If you wish, you can make hospital corners (or double-folded corners) at the foot of the bed, to help ensure the sheets do not become dislodged during sleep.


Step 3

Place blankets over the sheets. Again, be sure the sides of the blanket hang evenly on either side. If you place blankets on the bed, you can make hospital corners with them as well.

Step 4

Place pillows at the headboard. If you like, you can even make hospital corners with your flat sheet and blanket(s) at the head of the bed, once you've placed your pillows.

Step 5

Add your comforter, duvet and/or bedspread. These items can add warmth, as well as design appeal to your bed.


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