These Are the Sheets Our Editors Swear By

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From editor-tested bedding to the latest in sleep tech, we've got everything you could ever need for better sleep. Welcome to New Year, New Sleep.

Sheets are so simple yet so overwhelming: What is thread count? Is it a waste of money to splurge on pieces of fabric that never even leave the house, or is it actually totally worth it? We may not have all the answers, but we do have some recommendations. Rather than combing the internet for hours reading reviews, take it from us: These are the best sheets on the market.


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1. Parachute Percale Sheet Set, $109-$239

"They are ​so​ soft and inviting. My husband and I marvel all the time about how much we love them. I highly recommend them if you're ready to up your bed game." — Laurie Grossman, Director of Editorial Operations


2. Parachute Percale Fitted Sheet, $60-$90

"These sheets are oh so soft but don't trap heat (a plus for someone who gets night sweats). I also love that they're made with 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton and that the brand itself is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. As for the hue, I went with "clay." It washes wonderfully and makes my bedroom feel extra warm and nap-ready." — Anna Gragert, Senior Lifestyle Editor


3. Threshold 300 Thread Count Organic Cotton Solid Sheet Set, $39-$69

"For real, the Threshold organic cotton sheets from Target — in white, of course — are my favorite. We bought them a while back, and they're still going strong. Super-dense cotton sheets can sometimes feel lugubrious and stiff to me — or, if they're the sateen kind, too slithery and slick. These are just right. They're soft, but they have a crispness that feels cool and fresh. They're not too thick or too thin. They're the Goldilocks of sheets, the linen Middle Path. Even my boyfriend likes them, and he's extra fancy." — Eve Epstein, Senior Vice President and General Manager


4. Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set, $279-$299

"These are hands down the coziest sheets I've ever slept on. They're made with 95% cotton and 5% Himalayan cashmere — need I say more?— and are perfect for cozy winter nights." — Katie Maguire, Senior Commerce Editor


5. QuickZip Fitted Sheet, $180-$233

"Because my husband and I have a very heavy, king-size mattress and a deep bed frame that almost completely envelops the mattress, changing our fitted sheet used to be a sweaty, two-person job. This two-piece fitted sheet has totally changed the game, though. After you put the whole sheet on the first time, you simply zip off the top part (the part you sleep on) to wash it and then zip it back onto the base, which stays on your mattress. The sheet also has extra-deep, stretchy pockets that can fit over even the thickest mattresses so you never have to worry about the base slipping off the corners. A+ functionality aside, the 400-thread-count sateen is also super soft and luxurious." — Gina Goff, Director of Audience Development


6. My Sheets Rock "The Regulator," $139-$199

"I was pretty skeptical about these sheets before I tried them. Are they ​really​ as cooling as the description and reviews claim? After trying them during the hottest temperatures of summer, I'm a complete believer. Not only are these sheets so soft to the touch but they really do feel significantly cool on my skin. Gone are the nights when I wake up covered in sweat. Even now, in the cooler temperatures of winter, they're somehow warm yet still cooling at the same time. For anyone who is constantly overheating during the night, I highly recommend these sheets." — Lacey Won, Senior Social Media Manager


7. Casper Hyperlite Sheets, $109-$169

"These sheets are a game changer. My boyfriend would constantly break out in sweat during the night. Once I heard about Casper's new Hyperlite sheets, I knew we had to try them. Not only have they kept him from overheating at night but they're so soft and smooth that I love laying in bed more than ever before. Casper's Hyperlite sheets stay cozy and cool, even through the hottest summer months. I don't think we could ever go back to any other set!" — Jackie Ku, Influencer Marketing Manager


8. Parachute Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheet, $100-$110

"While I have a bunch of normal cotton sheet sets, I literally ONLY use my Parachute Brushed Cotton sheets (and I have two sets that I rotate to make sure they don't get too dingy). They are BEYOND soft, and I just love the natural look — they look worn in but without sharp wrinkles. So comfy, so cozy!" — Leonora Epstein, Senior Director of Content

9. Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set, $319-$439

"These bamboo sheets are favorite things of both me and Oprah. They're the softest sheets ever in a silky-cozy way (not slippery). If you run hot, they keep you cool. The price tag is high, but it's backed up by a 100-night-sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, and they're guaranteed not to pill. If you want cool, soft, silky-feeling sheets made to last, these are for you." — Kendra Zager, Manager of Audience Development

10. Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set, $169-$259

"The feel of these sheets is everything. I look forward to wrapping myself in the top sheet every night because it's just that comfortable and cool. I truly thought I hated top sheets before Ettitude entered my life. I also love the look of them. They just drape so beautifully over the bed. I have been using these for nearly three years and absolutely swear by them. Check out my full product review for all the details." — Erin Lassner, Associate Commerce Editor