These Are The Best Sheets I've Ever Tried

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I have owned the Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set for the past two years and can confidently say I'll be using Ettitude sheets for the rest of my life. I honestly didn't know I was a bedding snob until I encountered these luxe, basically heaven-sent, sheets. And let me tell you this: They will turn ​anyone​ into a bedding fanatic. They're just that good.


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Like many of us, I pick and choose the things worth spending my hard-earned money on. Turns out, investing in the sanctuary you spend approximately one-third of your life in is totally worth it. And compared to other high-quality, name-brand sheets, this set is incredibly reasonable.

I'll get into loads more detail below, but just a general summary: These are the softest, silkiest, coolest sheets I've ever experienced. I was not a huge top sheet person until I purchased this set. Now, not only do I love a top sheet, but I often use it instead of my comforter. It's the perfect light layer for summer nights or for anyone who's just a hot sleeper. Is it obvious yet how absolutely obsessed I am?



Made with 100% organic bamboo, these sheets are soft like silk, yet breathable like cotton. Basically, the best of both worlds. Ettitude calls it their Signature Sateen, which boasts tons more benefits than its incredible feel alone. The CleanBamboo fiber uses 500 times less water and produces 52% less CO2 than cotton. Plus, when the organic cotton is spun into the CleanBamboo, the non-toxic, closed-loop system saves 98% of the water used. Talk about sustainability! And since the fabric is so silky-soft, it's gentle on your skin and hair (even reducing frizz). Plus, it's hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals, ideal for everyone, but especially for individuals with sensitive skin.


The set is sold in twin, twinXL, full, queen, king, and california king. It also comes in a range of beautiful colors. A few of my favorites include the Sage, Sand, Moss, and, of course, the classic Cloud, which I currently own. The bundle includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and one or two pillowcases depending on the bedding size. The full and queen include two standard pillowcases, king and cal king include two king-size pillowcases, and twin and twinXL include one standard pillowcase.


The sheets arrived in an adorable drawstring bag created from scrap fabric, which I still have after two years. It's so soft and cute, I couldn't resist saving it (I use it for my shoes when traveling). Plus, it truly reflects the brand's emphasis on sustainability.

I'm sure everyone can relate here: There's truly nothing worse than struggling to get your fitted sheet over the mattress. The deep pockets in this model allow for minimal effort and work great for both regular and deep mattresses, plus there are labels to identify exactly which side is top and bottom. I no longer dread making my bed.


In terms of pricing, the Queen set in most colors is $198, with the striped options coming in at $204. Be on the lookout for deals, though, because certain sizes and colors are occasionally on sale.


The feel of these sheets is everything. I look forward to wrapping myself in the top sheet every night, because it's just that comfortable and cool. I truly thought I hated top sheets before Ettitude entered my life. I also love the look of them. They just drape so beautifully over the bed.


From Ettitude's materials to its packaging and practices, the company prioritizes sustainability. In an industry that can be so wasteful, Ettitude's attitude towards the environment is incredibly refreshing.

While I have the sheet set in white, the other colors are rich and amazing. I'm seriously considering purchasing the Sage green. They are just too stunning to resist. If it isn't clear yet, I could go on and on about these sheets forever. Everyone in my life knows how passionate I am about them, and I hope you now know it, too.



While this isn't a personal drawback, if you like a stiffer sheet, this may not be your best bet since these are so silky-smooth. The soft, thin material allows some extra movement from the top sheet, meaning it may move with you more than you're used to.


In terms of pricing, compared to other luxury bedding companies, these sheets are very competitive in cost. That being said, they are, of course, still an investment; however, there is no part of me that has ever regretted this purchase.


I probably don't even need a "verdict" section since I've made my obsession so clear, but just to take it home — yes, get these sheets. They were the perfect addition to my apartment and I plan to never be without them ever again. BRB — ordering them in Sage.


Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set (Queen), $198


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