This Linen Sheet Set From April Notes Is Downright Dreamy

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Linen sheets are all the rage these days, but personally, I've been somewhat hesitant to invest in a set. My biggest concern was whether or not linen would be as comfortable as cotton sheets to sleep on. Another factor was — well ... let's be honest — linen bedding usually means a high price point. However, those concerns aside, there's no denying the casual elegance they bring to any space. Plus, linen sheets are overwhelmingly popular (at least according to my social media feeds), so they must be worth all the hype, right?


Either way, I decided that it was high time I take the plunge and see what all the fuss was about — besides, everyone needs an extra set of sheets. After careful consideration, I chose to go with April Notes, a woman-founded small business that handcrafts all of its products. The range of color options, while not extensive, is calm and subdued, making them the perfect match for any bedroom, especially mine.

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(In full transparency, I received this queen-size set of linen sheets — including a fitted sheet, top sheet, and a pair of pillowcases — in exchange for an honest review, but all of the thoughts and opinions below are my own and were not influenced in any way by April Notes.)

What Do April Notes Linen Sheets Feel Like?

Upon opening the box, I was immediately struck by the beautiful ‌and‌ sustainable plant-based packaging. I was relieved to discover that the Sunset Rose hue I chose was exactly how it looked on the website and was not overly saccharine. Instead, it's a muted shade of dusty pink that would blend in seamlessly with both summer and fall bedroom decor. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality and the soft feel of the linen. One of my main concerns was that I wouldn't like the texture of linen sheets and that they would be scratchy and uncomfortable. However, the brand pre-washes the sheets, which actually makes them pretty soft to start. And bonus: They will get even softer and cozier the more I wash them.


Even though I was apprehensive about the feel of linen bed sheets, I've always been a fan of their signature lived-in look. While the relaxed aesthetic doesn't appeal to everyone, I think it complements my personal sense of style and adds an easygoing and informal sophistication to my bedroom.

What Makes April Notes Linen Sheets So Great?

Good looks aside, I also love that the high-quality European flax linen used by April Notes is certified free from harmful chemicals. Beyond that, linen is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, moisture-wicking, and breathable, which will only help improve my quality of sleep. And, as if all of that weren't enough, the actual design of the sheet set is very thoughtful, including pillowcases with envelope enclosures and a continuous elastic band around the fitted sheet (although it still fits a bit loose on my mattress, so I need to adjust it every now and then). Even the April Notes labeling was very carefully considered and kept minimal so it doesn't become a nuisance or an eyesore.



Do April Notes' Linen Sheets Live Up to the Hype?

Yes! I'm literally obsessed with the color. The rosy hue brings such a nice pop to my mostly white bedroom, and I can't wait to mix and match it with other colors to see how the combination will change the look and feel of my space. Compared to other linen bedding brands, the sheets were already pretty soft when they arrived, but I would still like them to be a bit softer, so I'm excited that the texture will continue to improve over time. Additionally, as a hot sleeper, I love that these sheets are lightweight and breathable, especially during the summer. But thanks to linen's ability to regulate temperature, these sheets will also keep me warm and cozy now that the evenings are getting a bit cooler.


Last but certainly not least, with such a busy and glamorous life (I say sarcastically), I've come to appreciate anything that will give my home a luxurious look and feel without requiring a lot of extra work, and these high-end linen sheets do exactly that. They are remarkably low-maintenance and durable, which means they are super easy to care for and they'll last for years to come. Overall, I can honestly say that I'm delighted with my new linen sheets — and clearly, my dog Ralphie approves too.

Buy now: April Notes Sunset Rose Linen Sheet Set (Queen Size), $295



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