I Tried Molecule's Bestselling Sateen Sheets — Here's What I Thought

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My husband and I recently got married and one thing we've learned is that we both are used to different types of sheets. Coming from the midwest, I love my cozy sheets (warm, soft, and oh-so-luxurious), while he is a terribly hot sleeper and requires cooling, moisture-wicking, opposite-of-cozy sheets. So when I had the opportunity to try the uber-popular, top-rated Molecules Sateen Cooling Sheets — with 1,008 five-star reviews and counting — I had a feeling we would have a winner.


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The Specs

Before I reveal the verdict, a little background on the actual material. Despite what you may have thought, Sateen is not actually a ​type​ of fabric, but a method of using a "one-under, four-over weave" that leaves more thread surface exposed to give sateen its signature smooth feel and luminous sheen.

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The particular sateen fabric used on Molecule's bestselling sheets is comprised of 48% Tencel Lyocell and 52% Cotton to create an extra luscious material that is not only soft and cozy but also naturally temperature regulating and anti-bacterial. (Tencel Lyocell is also made with sustainably sourced wood pulp from Eucalyptus and other trees, so you can feel extra good about your purchase.)

The Testing

When I first crawled into bed with the new sheets, I was almost shivering because they were so cold! But, after laying in bed for a while, I adjusted to the crisp feel and they felt so refreshing and silky smooth. After only a few minutes, I acclimated to the "chill" and felt nice and toasty. My husband loved them, too, because they kept him cool all night — he likened them to the refreshing feel of the "other side of the pillow" without even having to move.


But, not only do I like the silkiness of them — I also love that they're easy to wash and wrinkle-free (for some odd reason I despise wrinkly sheets). These cooling sheets would be perfect if you're a hot sleeper or if you live in a place with terribly warm summers. I know we will have them in rotation, especially for our Southern California summers. Consider me a sateen convert!

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