Two Years Later and These Are Still the Most Cooling Sheets Ever

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No matter where you fall in the top sheet debate, there's (hopefully) one thing we can all agree on: Finding good sheets for the summer is nearly impossible. Of course, we all want them to be cozy and comfortable enough to help us forget the troubles of the day — which are really piling on lately, aren't they? — but still breathable enough to prevent us from waking up in a pool of our own sweat. (Sorry, gross but true!)


Luckily, your search can end here, for I have officially found the ​coolest​ sheets on the market. The appropriately named company, My Sheets Rock, popped up on my radar while browsing for the top-rated cooling sheets across the web, and to say it piqued my interest would be an understatement.

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What makes My Sheets Rock unique?

First, the site's graphics are akin to that of a comic book, filled with bright colors, lightning bolts, and even cats! Second, these sheets, AKA "The Regulator," are the ​only​ item My Sheets Rock sells. Add in nearly 2,000 five-star reviews and I was hooked.

Then, I got the opportunity to try them out. They felt slightly silky and soft and, in the white hue I picked, seemed extra luxurious than the standard cotton sheets I had been using. They are made with 100% bamboo rayon, which is a "miracle material that not only performs like a powerhouse to keep you cool but is also as soft as a feather." They're performance sheets meant to regulate temperature, wick away moisture, and minimize "your natural man-scent." (I am in fact a woman though, so just a PSA to My Sheets Rock that all genders like to use cooling sheets, too.)


Gender sweat roles aside, these sheets are literally like sleeping on a silky (comfortable) ice pack and I can't believe I ever slept on different sheets during the summer. I have even taken a break from using my fan at night — something I could not sleep without before — because I was never too warm. As mentioned, I got the sheets in white, but they come in eight colors and range from $139 to $199, depending on your bed size.


How do they hold up over time?

More than two years later, I am back to say these sheets truly are incredible. I've convinced several friends and co-workers to purchase them and use them consistently throughout the year. They somehow almost feel as cooling as slippery silk fabric, but still have the soft cotton properties that I personally want out of my bedding. I don't know how many times I've washed them over the years, but they've held up incredibly well and you would have no idea that they're as old as they are. (Actually, maybe it's time to stock up on another set?)


Long story short, get these sheets; you won't regret it.

My Sheets Rock "The Regulator," $179



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