Top Sheet or No Top Sheet? The Hunker Team (Almost) Agrees on a Winner

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There's no denying the decline of top sheets over the past few years. You can blame millennials all you want for "killing" the top sheet industry, but people of all ages and generations are opting in favor of less bedding. How do we know? (People aren't exactly being shy about it.) But also, we polled the team. That's right: We asked every member on the team to spill their thoughts and feelings on the divisive top sheet and, well, one side was a clear winner (sorry pro-top sheeters). What side of the debate do you fall on?

Pro-Top Sheet

"I don't really have a preference; it's more that you cannot touch anything under the comforter in 'street clothes.'" — Branché Foston, Social Media Specialist, Influencers & Community

"Yes, top sheets to keep cool and the blankets clean. Also, they must be tucked in so you don't get tangled up in a blanket burrito at the end of the bed." — Colette Dazé, Hunker House Manager

"The top sheet is a definite YES in my book. When I'm cold it provides an extra layer of coverage below my duvet, and when I'm hot, I can kick off the heavy duvet and still have something light and cool covering me. What can I say? I'm a girl who likes options." — Ariane Moore, Design Editor

Anti-Top Sheet

"N to the O. No! I keep trying to bring back a top sheet every several years, thinking it might be a good idea. But then it just bunches up or gets lost at the bottom of my bed, and ends up serving no purpose." — Laurie Grossman, Director, Editorial Operations

"After years of cursing and untangling the linen knot at the foot of my bed each morning, I've finally converted to Team No Top Sheet. My mornings are way less angsty now." — Gina Goff, Director of Audience Development


"Hard no. I just don't need that extra layer sliding off my bed in the middle of the night." — Lowe Saddler, SEO Editor

"I'm an either-or, but my British husband is very anti-top sheet. For the most part, I agree that it's easier to sleep in and make a bed that has only a duvet cover, but I do like the decorative aspect a top sheet can bring. So I guess, overall, I'm more anti-top sheet." — Leonora Epstein, Senior Director

"NO TOP SHEET." — Paul Anderson, Creative Director

"I'm anti. I don't see the point, sorry not sorry." — Eva Recinos, Associate Editor

"I'm team anti-top sheet. Honestly, you just can't sell me on adding an extra step to making my bed." — Thuan Hoang, Marketing Manager

"I don't hate a top sheet, but I'm a tossing-and-turning kind of sleeper, so it almost always ends up at the foot of my bed (or the floor) each morning. That, plus less laundry makes it an easy skip." — Katie Maguire, Commerce Editor