I Tried Parachute's Cult Mattress — Here's What I Thought

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When Parachute, the home goods brand known for their cult-status linen sheets and towels, launched a mattress a few years ago, I started hearing whispers about it every few months, sometimes through an acquaintance, sometimes through Instagram. I was instantly intrigued: If Parachute put one ounce of the detailed effort they put into a mattress as they did their bedding, it had to be good.


I let about a year pass before I seriously considered putting Parachute's mattress at the top of my to-try list. After all, the space has just been so crowded with mattress start-ups, each seemingly promising something better and cheaper. But every time I thought about trying on a boxed brand, I hesitated. They all seemed like stop-gap options — something you'd use for two or three years until you could really get the mattress you want. My other pet peeve about all these new mattresses: the foam topping. I HATE foam toppings — no matter how much they claim that they are "cooling," they end up creating a little heat trap around your body. Parachute's mattress is 100% foam-free, which is part of what eventually sold me on giving it a shot. Also, I can't lie: The design, even though you'll hardly ever see it, instantly feels miles beyond an average boxed brand. Read on for more info and my thoughts ...

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(For transparency, I did receive this mattress in exchange for an honest review, however, all of the following thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own and are not influenced by Parachute, in any way.)

The Specs

Materials: Like I mentioned, Parachute prides itself on a mattress that has zero foam. In fact, many of the materials are natural and eco-friendly: The covering is 100% cotton and the two wool pads incorporated throughout are made of certified New Zealand wool. There are zero adhesives, petrochemicals, or chemical flame retardants.


Construction: What makes Parachute's offering the most interesting is its zoned system: The middle is firm while the head and foot have softer coils, allowing your body to sink in only at points that allow for proper spinal alignment, regardless of whether you're a side/back/stomach sleeper. The mattress uses a steel coil support system with five times the coils of a normal mattress.

Feel: Mostly firm (see above, and also more on my opinion below).


Cost: $1,899 for Queen; $2,199 for a King.

Delivery and returns: Arrives in a FedEx box. 100 night trial.

Sleep Test

A few things about me: I'm a side and stomach sleeper and I've had a tough time finding a mattress that fits. In the past, I've said that I prefer a firm mattress, but thinking about it ... I tend to start the night on my stomach and on my old, very firm mattress, I (now) notice how uncomfortable it could feel.



After our Parachute mattress was set up, my husband and I immediately flopped down, sans sheets, to get a first feel. "Oh my godddd," we both said together as we sunk in. Total luxury. When my husband asked what level firmness this was, I said it was supposed to be firm, and we were both a little shocked: How could a firm mattress feel so luxurious? After a night we seemed to figure it out — at its core, it is a firm mattress, but the topper and the head/foot are softer, creating the cloud-like effect. We both agreed that had we tried out mattresses in a store, we may have gone for something firmer ... but then we would have seriously regretted it.


With our last mattress, which was four years old, I remember we had an adjustment period — it was at least three or four nights that we both slept terribly before our bodies adjusted. That's not the case with the Parachute mattress. Night one and beyond were perfect for both of us. My husband, who usually wakes up with aches and pains, said he's had NONE since we started sleeping on the Parachute. As for me, in pandemic times, my sleep has been fraught: lots of difficulty falling asleep, lots of tossing and turning. I can't quite claim that a mattress can reduce your anxiety, but I've been feeling so much more relaxed at bedtime, and I'm waking up in the night fewer times.


One last plus: With other mattress reviews, I've often noticed people talking about an unpleasant "new mattress"/chemical smell. There was none of that. It smelled like cotton should — nothing.

The Verdict

Overall, I'd describe the Parachute mattress as almost a hotel-like experience. It 100% feels like a luxury mattress — from the super-soft covering to the melt-into-bed sensation to the cool-feel during sleep to the refreshed feeling I have in the morning.


The only thing that initially gave me pause, and what would give others pause, is the price. While you might be able to get a boxed mattress for under a grand, I really do now feel you get what you pay for. You may be shelling out $500-$1,000 more for Parachute's mattress, but I genuinely believe this is a mattress you can have for a decade. In fact, it comes with a 10 year warranty. It's worth every penny and I'll honestly be recommending it to any friend looking for a new mattress.

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