I Tried Casper's Cooling Sheets and Here's How It Went

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Welcome to The Cool Down, Hunker's definitive guide for staying cool, calm, and collected all summer long.

While I try my hardest to keep the environment in mind during the hotter months of the year, sometimes it's tough not to just feel, well, overheated. I try to open my windows if the breeze feels cooler outside and I try to stay hydrated and spend the day in shorts. But even then, it's hard not to feel warm while I sleep.


So I was curious to try some cooling sheets in the hopes that it could help us cut back on using the fan — or our portable A/C — at night. Casper recently debuted its Hyperlite 200-count sheets, made of Tencel™ Lyocell, which the brand describes as its "coolest sheets yet." I decided to put them to the test.

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(I received the Casper Hyperlite sheets in exchange for an honest review. The following thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own).

The Pros

When I first took these sheets out of the package — a sheet set includes one flat and fitted sheet, plus two pillowcases — they felt super thin. When I was putting the pillowcases on, I was afraid I was going to rip them but they surprisingly stood up to my pillow stuffing. It was easy to put the fitted sheet on our mattress.


After the first night of using the sheets, I noticed that I woke up less sweaty (ew) from my pillow, especially. I have really thick hair and even when I put it up, I tend to get really warm in my sleep. I could tell that I had sweat less, probably because of the thin nature of the sheets. The brand says that the "unique grid weave creates vent-like structures that increase airflow." I did feel like the top sheet was really lightweight and the "breathable" aspect of the sheets definitely came through. Even when I changed the fitted sheet, I left the top sheet on and found it was still really nice to sleep with.


In general, I definitely felt like our bed seemed lighter. I also got the sheets in a white color, which I don't usually go for; it felt like I was staying at a cozy hotel.

The Cons

I didn't necessarily feel like the sheets were ​super​ cool — at least not in a way that was surprising. They definitely kept me cooler and I appreciated the pillowcase a lot. But even with the pillows, I didn't get that usual "cool side of the pillow" feeling when I flipped them over. (Although, it was ​really​ hot during the days when I tried the sheets.) It really all depends on your own body temperature and space.


The only other major con would be the price, if you're on a budget. But if you use these really often, or you want to invest in your first grown-up sheets, they're definitely an option.

Here's to staying cool.

Buy it now: Casper Hyperlite Sheets (Queen), $139



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