I Tried Birch by Helix's New Luxe Natural Mattress — Here's My Honest Review

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Over the past few years, you may have noticed an uptick in natural and organic mattresses. The reason? As people are becoming more environmentally conscious and sustainable, they want to infuse those practices and beliefs into the bedroom. (That is, after all, where we spend nearly half of our lives.) And while we want to know that our mattresses are not only good for the environment, are responsibly sourced, and come from a company that believes in better working conditions for their employees, we also need something that is going to help us feel comfier, sleep better, and ultimately improve our lives.


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Enter Birch by Helix's newest mattress: The Luxe Natural Mattress, which is not only organic and natural but also features cashmere as one of its primary ingredients (say no more) — and officially launched on October 6, 2021. I had the opportunity to try the mattress out ahead of its launch. Here's my honest review.

(For transparency, I did receive this mattress in exchange for an honest review, however, all of the following thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own and are not influenced by Helix, in any way.)



The Birch Luxe Natural Mattress is considered the upgrade from Birch's original Natural Mattress, which has been a bestseller for the brand for years. They both have all of the same high-quality properties — it's GreenGuard Gold & GOTS certified, meaning it's free of any polyurethane foams and harmful chemicals, and is made of organic cotton cover as its top layer, hygroscopic organic wool, and breathable natural Talalay latex in order to increase airflow and keep you cool. It also uses premium hypoallergenic and organic materials, like sap from rubber trees, to create the right pressure relief and contour for your body.


Here's where the new model differs, though: The Luxe Natural Mattress features a premium quilted organic cashmere Euro top, a soft and breathable matelassé woven cotton cover, zoned lumbar support for enhanced contouring, 1,000 individually wrapped steel coils to cradle your body to limit motion transfer, and is a half-inch taller. It also costs about $1,000 more than the original.

This mattress is also a medium-firm feel, which is described on the site as a "not too firm, not too soft" feel to help all types of sleepers get comfortable.


Organic mattresses might be a good investment for those who are interested in products with fewer toxins and allergens or those who run hot since organic materials are said to be cooler than synthetic fabrics. They also can last longer than traditional mattresses, meaning it's truly an investment that will pay for itself over time.


Upon arrival, I honestly knew this mattress would be amazing. It did come in a large, tall box — as many mattresses these days do — but as soon as I unwrapped everything it immediately started to grow to its normal size. I was pleasantly surprised to note that it didn't have a bad or sour smell, which many boxed mattresses have.


Once I had it set up — with the help of a friend; it is pretty heavy, after all — it looked great and was ready to be slept on immediately that evening. It felt so cozy and comfortable and, call it a placebo effect, but I felt like I slept even better knowing that it had healthier materials and a cozy cashmere topper.


There aren't many cons to this mattress truthfully. One thing that can't be ignored, of course, is the price tag. It starts at $1,849 for a twin and goes up to $3,249 for a California King, so it's not an affordable option, but it is worth it for the sustainable and organic properties combined with the comfort. If you're on a budget, you may want to consider the original Natural Mattress, so you can still reap the health benefits, but if you're looking for an investment to last you a couple of decades, you can't go wrong with the Birch Luxe Natural Mattress.


It also does feel slightly more firm than I was used to, but I was very comfortable and felt my back pain was lessened when I woke up in the morning, so I think ultimately it's a healthier choice for those who suffer from back pain.


It's certainly worth the splurge if you're looking to invest in a better-for-you (and the environment) mattress that boasts all of the qualities that bedding these days markets. Plus, right now, you can get $400 off and two free Eco-Rest pillows when you use the code ​FALLBED400​. Scroll down to shop.


Birch Luxe Natural Mattress (Queen), $2,499


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