This Handy Guide to Bedroom Furniture Ideas and Decor Is Just Another Reason to Love Sleeping

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Think of the one room in your home that feels the most like "you." If your bedroom springs to mind, we couldn't agree with you more. A bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary filled with things that make you feel calm and content. But with all of the different styles out there, along with bedroom furniture ideas and decor options, it can be tough to narrow everything down.

Since we've been in your shoes, we decided to put together a beginner's guide to bedroom furniture and decor so you can tackle your decision-making process with ease. Here are tips and tricks that are sure to combat any feelings of overwhelm.


Selecting Furniture for Your Space

The first step to decorating a bedroom is to design a layout or a floor plan that works well for your unique space — this small step will help you narrow down your furniture selection. We recommend doing this before you shop, since careful measuring will be key.

Once you know exactly how much space you are working with, you can begin thinking of bedroom furniture ideas. Most sleeping quarters tend to include standard furnishings that have been mainstays for decades, including nightstands, dressers, storage pieces, bed frames, and chairs. If you're set on a pair of nightstands, make sure they'll both fit along the bed. You might want that giant dresser you spotted at West Elm, but will it actually work in your small bedroom? When it comes to layout, the bottom line is this: Make the bed your focal point and plan everything around it. You may discover in the process that nightstands may make the room look too cluttered, or that a chair would be better in one corner than another. After thoughtful consideration, you can determine which pieces are must-haves and will meet your needs. Then it's time for the fun part: shopping.

Begin seeking out furniture that will blend flawlessly with the style of your room. For instance, a bohemian bedroom calls for furniture in natural materials, like wicker, cane, and rattan. A midcentury bedroom looks best with sleek and polished furniture scored at a vintage shop or from a retailer that specializes in midcentury pieces.

Bedroom furniture ideas are especially important in a small space. Look for pieces that will optimize your room instead of weighing it down. That's not to say that you can't use traditional options — nightstands, dresser, chair — just stick to the smaller side with your furniture picks. Or, go the minimal route and skip certain furniture pieces altogether. There's no rule that says you're required to have nightstands in a bedroom. And remember that you can always integrate furniture that serves a dual purpose: to act as a piece of furniture and work as storage. This is extremely helpful in a small space. Track down an ottoman with space inside, purchase a floor lamp with shelving, hide away a small dresser in your closet, or place an upholstered trunk at the foot of the bed, which works as seating and storage.

This boho-chic bedroom is a study in using nontraditional bedroom furniture ideas to create an eye-catching layout. An elephant-shaped side table acts as a nightstand while two mini pendant lights take the place of bulky table lamps for a modern touch.


Adding Personality with Decor

It's probably no surprise that we think furniture shopping is super fun, but hunting down bedroom decor might be even better. This is an ideal opportunity to really let your personality shine, while wrapping in pieces that fit the overall style of your bedroom, from farmhouse to vintage to modern.

For starters, plants are a welcome addition to any boudoir. In fact, several studies say that greenery can actually help people sleep better and feel less anxious, so we think they're essential for a bedroom. Plus, there are plenty of low-light options if your space doesn't get much sunlight.

Artwork, is another go-to, and it's a wonderful way to spotlight your interests and showcase the things that make you feel happy and inspired. We'd recommend something calming like a soothing abstract or landscape print, photography, soft fiber wall hangings, or snapshots of loved ones. But if color lights you up inside, look no further than Etsy or Society6 to display vibrant artwork created by independent artists.

Speaking of color, rugs can also infuse color and pattern — as well as warmth and texture — into the bedroom. With so many sizes available nowadays, you'll be able to find the perfect option for your space: a runner next to the bed, a sizable area rug underneath the bed, a small mat so your feet won't hit the cold floor in the morning — examine your layout and choose a rug (or rugs) that will meet your needs and look the best.

Lastly, you'll want to think about the amount of decor you're including in your bedroom. If you enjoy a clean and uncomplicated look, be minimal and intentional when choosing your accent pieces and only put curated, well-loved items on display. But if it feels good to be surrounded by tons of decorative pieces, we fully support the maximalist look, putting everything on display, from floor-to-ceiling.

This tropical bedroom even makes good use of the radiator by using it as a shelf for potted plants.

You can always choose to create a bedroom that's timeless and traditional, or you can incorporate popular trends. For example, you can craft a bedroom that's tropical year-round thanks to Justina Blakeney's "Jungalow" approach — think natural materials, lots of color, and a canopy over the bed.


Monochrome is another trend we're seeing in bedrooms far and wide. It's a look that's straightforward and easy to decorate since you're staying within a single color family, but it's also incredibly cool. Consider a bedroom in green, gray, cream, or even all black.

Or, perhaps the wabi sabi trend is more your speed. It's a Japanese aesthetic that embraces the perfect and the imperfect equally, and you can create that balance in your bedroom by decorating with a mix of new and vintage furniture and decor, combining natural textures and materials.

And you can always opt to go totally contemporary, a look that will truly incorporate the trends. One way to do this is by weaving in pink hues, curved shapes, and unorthodox pops of color, like maize — which is exactly what Bonnie, Lana, and Erin of Three Birds Renovations did in this rosy bedroom.

Where to Shop for Bedroom Furniture and Decor

Now that we've walked you through all things bedroom furniture and decor, it's time to get shopping. To save money and to inject more personality into your space, we advise looking at both high and low retailers, something that Janea Brown did in her cozy bedroom.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has long been a beloved shopping destination among dorm room and apartment dwellers alike for pretty much everything. Its boho bed linens, quilts, throw pillows, and decorative pieces make it especially good for bedroom decor.

West Elm

To achieve a midcentury vibe with your bedroom furniture, let us suggest West Elm. Its pieces are sleek, sophisticated, high-quality, and will be friendly to your budget if you're keeping one in mind.


If you want to redo your entire bedroom, top to bottom, and you want to keep things economical, IKEA is your one-and-done shopping destination. With furniture sets, mattresses, textiles, lighting, decor, and more, one Saturday spent at the store or online and you'll be all set to make your new bedroom a reality.


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