10 Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Spring Refresh

amazon orange bedding
credit: Amazon

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The start of spring is usually the time to transition your winter closet to warm-weather favorites (see ya, knee-length down jacket!). But have you ever considered doing the same for your bedroom decor? This season is a great time to bring a little brightness from outside into your room — especially if you're dealing with a little bit of decor fatigue. The best part: Giving your sleeping sanctuary a spring reset doesn't have to break the bank. Here, we highlight a few easy tweaks that will give your bedroom a fresh, new vibe.

This colorful art print by Alja Horvat is sure to add a festive pop of color to any boring white wall.

linen curtains
credit: Anthropologie

A set of white linen curtains brings softness and brightness to bare windows. They're also an inexpensive way to add a sense of breezy elegance to your room.

target opalhouse throw pillow
credit: Target

Adding a few new throw pillows in punchy hues is exactly what the doctor ordered.

amazon orange bedding
credit: Amazon

Better yet, throw this creamsicle bedding on for a dreamy place to rest your head.

Now that's our type of hardware. You'd be amazed by how simply switching out your dresser knobs will make your room feel new.

If you have a table lamp on your nightstand, consider swapping it for one of the floor variety. It won't just provide more light to your space, but it's sleek enough to take up very little space while also decluttering your side table so all attention can be on your growing crystal collection.

Smell is generally the first thing you notice when you walk into a new space, so revamping yours will make it feel like new.

tall wicker basket with handles
credit: Wayfair

A stylish solution to messy piles of shoes, magazines, and blankets.

amazon fiddle leaf fig
credit: Amazon

Plants can be a great way to elevate any indoor space. The only problem: without proper maintenance, your indoor garden could end up looking more like an indoor graveyard. This faux fiddle leaf fig is the perfect way to enjoy a little greenery indoors without the added commitment.

rhino trinket dish
credit: Anthropologie

Charm meets functionality, our favorite combination.

Adria Greenhauff

Adria Greenhauff

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