Wave wallpaper on bedroom wall
credit: Stephen Paul

I realize that this may not sound polite, but I just want to look into people's homes. I want to see how others live. What style choices do they make? How do they express who they are through furniture and art and color and light? Because we all do it. How we feel about ourselves, our interests, and what brings us joy is on full display in our home. And our bedrooms are our most intimate of spaces. So, if you're like me and are bed-curious, here are over 75 images to enjoy. (Click on the photos to learn more about who's been sleeping in that bed.)

1. Seen in Pioneertown, California:

2. Seen in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York:

3. Seen in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle, Washington:

4. Seen in Oceanside, California:

5. Seen in Hollywood, California:

Bedroom with lavender bedspread
credit: Paul Anderson

6. Seen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

7. Seen in Joshua Tree, California:

Bedroom with wood curved walls
credit: Paul Anderson

8. Seen in Port Townsend, WA:

Bed with palm printed pillow and rattan bed frame
credit: Tony Puerzer / Hunker

9. Seen in Culver City, California:

Bed with grey pillow and desert chic bedspread
credit: Paul Anderson

10. Seen in Newport Beach, California:

11. Seen in London, England:

Bedroom with blue wall and fireplace
credit: Alex Reyto

12. Seen in Lake Arrowhead, California:

Bedroom in geometric cabin
credit: Stephen Paul

13. Seen in Portland, Oregon:

14. Seen in East Sacramento, California:

15. Seen in Pasadena, California:

Rust colored bedspread on bed in earthy boho bedroom
credit: Stephen Paul

16. Seen in Portland, Oregon

17. Seen in Echo Park, California:

Bedroom with blue walls
credit: Stephen Paul

18. Seen in Marfa, Texas:

19. Seen in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, California:

20. Seen in Islington, North London, England:

Red wallpaper on bedroom wall with blue door and wood headboard
credit: Alex Reyto

21. Seen in Tustin, California:

22. Seen in Downtown Los Angeles, California:

Modern bedroom with grey colors
credit: Stephen Paul

23. Seen in Leucadia, California:

24. Seen in Los Angeles, California:

Bed with yellow pillows and patterned blanket
credit: Stephen Paul

25. Seen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

26. Seen in Venice, California:

Bedroom with art on the wall and patterned rug.
credit: Stephen Paul

27. Seen in Sacramento, California:

28. Seen in Downtown Los Angeles, California:

Bedroom with many plants
credit: Stephen Paul

29. Seen in Tucson, Arizona:

30. Seen in Seattle, Washington:

31. Seen in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, California:

32. Seen in Lower East Side, New York:

Bedroom with blush colored walls
credit: Chloe Berk

33. Seen in Pasadena, California:

White curtains in bedroom with white bed
credit: Stephen Paul

34. Seen in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada:

Bedroom with blue bedroom and yellow curtains
credit: Angela Lewis

35. Seen in Topanga, California:

Boho bedroom
credit: Stephen Paul

36. Seen in Portland, Oregon:

37. Seen in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York:

Bedroom with plants
credit: Chloe Berk

38. Seen in Yucca Valley, California:

Minimal desert bedroom
credit: Nicole Mason

39. Seen in Sacramento, California:

40. Seen in Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California:

41. Seen in Portland, Oregon:

42. Seen in Santa Monica, California:

43. Seen in Atwater Village, Los Angeles, California:

Neutral colored bedroom
credit: Stephen Paul

44. Seen in Mount Hood, Oregon:

45. Seen in Westlake District, Los Angeles, California:

Loft bedroom with white fabric walls
credit: Stephen Paul

46. Seen in Neukölln, Berlin, Germany:

47. Seen in Glendale, California:

Bedroom with modern pendant light
credit: Stephen Paul

48. Seen in Huntington Beach, California:

Wave wallpaper on bedroom wall
credit: Stephen Paul

49. Seen in Fishtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

50. Seen in Joshua Tree, California:

Desert chic bedroom
credit: Paul Anderson

51. Seen in Pasadena, California:

52. Seen in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California:

bedroom with bookcase and artwork
credit: Stephen Paul

53. Seen in Los Angeles, California:

Boho bedroom with wall hanging over bed
credit: Stephen Paul

54. Seen in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California:

Bedroom with blush colored bedspread and brass artwork on wall
credit: Stephen Paul

55. Seen in Brooklyn Heights, New York:

Bed with banner over the bed
credit: Chloe Berk

56. Seen in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California:

Airy bedroom with ceiling fan
credit: Stephen Paul

57. Seen in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California:

Minimal California bedroom
credit: Stephen Paul

58. Seen in Bell Vista, Pennsylvania:

59. Seen in La Mesa, California:

60. Seen in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California:

Bedroom with high ceiling and large wall art
credit: Stephen Paul

61. Seen in Normal Heights, San Diego, California:

62. Seen in Pasadena, California:

63. Seen in Temecula, California:

Bed with flowers and plants on wall
credit: Amber Thrane

64. Seen in Waynesboro, Virginia:

Bedroom with wood furniture
credit: Carrie Waller

65. Seen in Idyllwild, California:

A-frame cabin bedroom
credit: Paul Anderson

66. Seen in Brewerytown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

67. Seen in Avocado Heights, Vista, California:

68. Seen in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California:

Green painted bedroom
credit: Stephen Paul

69. Seen in South Kensington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

70. Seen in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, California:

Maximalist bedroom decor
credit: Stephen Paul

71. Seen in Marfa, Texas:

72. Seen in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California:

Boho bedroom with wood wall
credit: Stephen Paul

73. Seen in Carmel Valley, California:

74. Seen in Lancaster, Pennsylvania:

White bedroom with vintage-style nightstands
credit: Brenden Lowry

75. Seen in Noe Valley, San Francisco, California:

76. Seen in Oak Park, California:

Traditional / shabby chic-style bedroom
credit: Stephen Paul

77. Seen in Omaha Heights, California:

Bohemian-style bedroom
credit: Stephen Paul

78. Seen in College East, San Diego, California:

79. Seen in Portland, Oregon:

Laurie Gunning Grossman

Laurie Gunning Grossman

Laurie Gunning Grossman, Hunker’s editorial director, caught the California boho minimalist bug. So, she bought a cream-colored couch. And she also lives with two kids and two dogs, so we’ll see how that decision pans out.