7 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas That You Haven't Seen a Million Times Before

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We, for one, love cozy bedrooms. Save the sprawling floor plans for the living area, and leave us to the homey bedrooms made for moody colors, overstuffed duvets, and rainy mornings. In fact, as far as the editors here at Hunker are concerned, limited square footage can actually be your best decorating attribute for styling a small space.


Still, there's a fine line between cozy and cluttered, or charming and boring, for that matter. Making the most of your small bedchamber requires a little extra thought and consideration, which is why we've rounded up the best small bedroom decorating ideas that will have you relishing the quaint size of your space, rather than simply tolerating it.

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1. Make a statement with wallpaper.

One of the best parts about a small bedroom decorating idea is that it doesn't take much to make a big statement. Creating a bold focal point with patterned wallpaper, like Orlando Soria did in this boudoir makeover, makes even the tiniest space feel luxurious.

2. Emphasize vertical space with a canopy.

Drawing the eye upward to emphasize ceiling height can make a room feel more airy and spacious. Recreate this small bedroom decorating idea from Emily Henderson with a tall bed canopy to trick the eye into visualizing extra space.


3. Paint your walls and trim the same color.

Painting walls and trim the same color, like this moody hue from Chris and Julia's home, makes a room feel instantly more spacious since the eye sees only continuous color instead of harsh contrasting lines. The best part of this monochromatic, small bedroom decorating idea is that it will only cost you as much as a can of paint (!).



4. Embrace minimalism.

Maggie of Maggie Stephens Interiors did minimalism right in this small bedroom, thanks to a mix of wood and linen materials, while keeping the whole space light and airy in a sea of white.


5. ... or maximalism.

Of course, the other school of thought when it comes to small spaces is to maximize your style and your space. Sunny Circle Studio mixed patterns on patterns with bold artwork, wallpaper, and a healthy dose of color, creating a room that packs a punch and fools you into thinking there's more square footage than meets the eye.


6. Use large-scale furniture.

While your first impulse may be to buy small-scale furniture for a cozy room, doing the opposite actually has a maximizing effect. Using fewer large-scale pieces, as shown in this guest bedroom designed by Shea from Studio McGee, will make your small bedroom feel luxurious and comfortable, while too many small-scale pieces will feel cluttered.


7. Opt for wall-mounted light fixtures.

Wall-mounted light fixtures are a no-brainer for a small bedroom, seeing as you want to take up as little surface and floor space as possible. These gold sconces in a sophisticated refuge designed by Elizabeth Lawson add just the right touch of glamour.



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