Every Guest Bedroom Should Have These 16 Things

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Don't wait until the last minute to get your guest bedroom visitor ready. A few thoughtful items will go a long way in making your out-of-town family and friends feel welcome in their temporary home away from home.


1. The Citizenry Nublado Throw, $395

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This chunky, cozy throw is knit entirely by hand, and has warm winter nights written all over it. Perfect to drape over the end of a bed or accent chair.

2. Silk and Wool Sleep Mask, $35

Give your guests a free pass to sleep in late. This mask will help block out the sun, and encourage sweet slumbers.


3. Byredo Gypsy Water Bath Wash, $50

This minimalist bottle packs an herbaceous and citrus punch that had us tracking down one of our co-workers to find out what it was.


4. Serena & Lily Cardiff Robe, $148

Terry-lined on the inside and waffle knit on the outside — could there be better combination?



5. Calm Kid Mist, $14

Who wouldn't like a little lavender spritz on their pillow as part of their nighttime routine? This might be made for kids, but it'll work its calming magic on adults as well.


6. Clear Glass Carafe, $24.95

Fill this beautiful, yet practical, carafe with water and place it on a nightstand, or dispense mouthwash in it and leave it in the bathroom. Either way, your guests will love it.


7. Newgate Alarm Clock, $39.95

On the days that guests can't sleep in, this handsome alarm clock will ensure they don't snooze through any festivities or appointments.



8. Primaloft Deluxe Pillows, $55

Give them that four star hotel experience: Extra pillows in bed are always a nice touch.


9. Portrait of Los Angeles, $63

A beautiful hardcover book about your city lets visitors explore before they even take a step outside.


10. Anker Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $26.99

This fits in your hand and stays charged for 24 hours, so guests can listen to their music without taking over your Sonos system.

11. Jenni Kayne Cedar Matte Glass Candle, $55


Can you have too many candles? Nope. They make a room smell great and you can't beat their ambient light.

12. Alfie Bench, $989

We love when form meets function. A woven leather bench at the foot of the bed or under a bank of windows is the perfect perch for a suitcase. (Click here for more accent benches at a variety of price ranges.)

13. Essential Mini Kits, $6.99

The Container Store never fails to offer everything we never knew we needed, and in cute packaging too.

14. Uniqlo Slippers, $14.90

Keep your floors clean by asking your guests to leave their shoes at the front door and then hand them a pair of cozy slippers. Make sure they don't try to sneak these in their suitcase at the end of their stay!


15. Sculpted Tissue Box, $145

Who knew a tissue holder could be so gorgeous? This beauty is handcrafted out of resin.

16. Elchim 2001 Dryer, $146

The hair dryer is usually the last thing to be packed and the first thing that "has to go" when you are struggling to close your carry-on. Make your guests' (hair) day by having this in their room.

With these key pieces, your guest bedroom will be stocked with all the luxuries and necessities that are sure to make your visitors feel comfortable, cozy, and cared for.



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