The Textiles in This Bedroom Are a Dream

Who: Courtney Equall, interior stylist and blogger at Girl & Grey

Where: Bend, Oregon

Why we love this pic: This charming bedroom is made all the more so thanks to its thoughtful array of textiles. A vibrant area rug adds warm definition while playful throws pull hues from the rug to bring cohesion to the look. Meanwhile, a textural planter infuses the stylish design with life as bamboo window shades punctuate it with an easy-breezy quality.

The takeaway: Thoughtful textiles are a no-fail way to add texture, personality, and character to your look.

Get the look:

Beige throw blanket with red-orange stripes and pom poms
credit: Anthropologie
Tufted cream throw pillow with blue, red, and yellow abstract diamonds
credit: Anthropologie
Red-dominant persian rug
credit: Amazon

Kelly Weimert

Kelly Weimert

Kelly is a full-time freelance writer, aspiring aerialist, and passionate interior design enthusiast. She's a regular contributor to design-centric publications like Apartment Therapy, The Spruce, and TexasLiving Magazine.