Welcome to Shop the Room, a shopping series that answers life's most often-ignored question: "Where'd you get that?" We take the dreamiest photos we can find and make it way easier to replicate the style in your own home.
green and red bedroom
Black dining room with orange kilim rug
All-white gender neutral nursery with white armchair, white dresser, blonde wood crib, and geometric black and white print and felt mobile.
Botanical nursery with leafy green statement
White corner featuring cubic storage and structural artwork
Minimal dining room with wooden rectangular table and white midcentury dining chairs.
Bohemian entryway
Minimal boho bedroom
White and beige minimal office space
Minimal southwestern-inspired bedroom
Breakfast nook with black and white midcentury dining furniture, jute doily rug, and peach curtains
Minimal bohemian dining room with midcentury furniture and black accent wall
Bedroom with a range of textiles, including throw pillows and blankets, a red-dominant kilim-rug, and woven black and white planter.
Cream minimal bedroom
Peach boho bedroom
Dining room with blue and white patterned wallpaper, white midcentury dining chairs, and rounded rectangular wooden dining table
boho chic balcony
Contemporary and eclectic blue and white bathroom
black hardware bathroom
relaxing bathroom brittany
retro inspired nursery
bright and breezy dining room
accent wall organic color bedroom
colorful bedroom office
colorful living room