Patterns and Organic Materials Elevate a Desert-Chic Bedroom

Who: KP and Mike Snow, interior design enthusiasts

Why we love this pic: The minimal design of this desert-chic bedroom makes it so that the compelling patterns and textures can shine as brightly as can be, and shine brightly, they do. The striking southwest-inspired patterns of the pillow and blanket provide the space with functional intrigue as a thoughtful selection of organic materials, like the woven shade and wooden bed frame, infuse the design with welcoming warmth.

The takeaway: Pattern and texture are the keys to creating a desert-chic design.

Get the look:

Mexican blanket featuring white, gray, black, and dark green
credit: Etsy
Black-and-white geometric lumbar pillow
credit: Etsy
Wooden platform bed frame with slatted headboard
credit: Wayfair

Kelly Weimert

Kelly Weimert

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