This Balcony Is What Boho-Chic Dreams Are Made of

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Who: Oliwia Niklas, interior enthusiast


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Where: Poland

How to get the 'gram: As this sweet space demonstrates, a surefire way to create a comfy-cozy balcony design, no matter your square footage, is to pile on textural layers. The bamboo fence enhances the cozy factor even further by providing plenty of privacy while the subdued, neutral color palette ensures that the many textures don't lean too chaotic. Top it off with a crackling standalone fireplace and whimsical string lights and you'll have the perfect hang-out for cool fall nights.

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Pari Rattan Chair Pari Rattan Chair


Outside Patio Lights Outside Patio Lights


Three Amigos White + Green Three Amigos White + Green

$20.99 and Up

Natural Bamboo Fence Natural Bamboo Fence


MUMTOP Bamboo Wind Chimes MUMTOP Bamboo Wind Chimes


IGNIS Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace Cube IGNIS Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace Cube


Kortne Bohemian Shag Area Rug Kortne Bohemian Shag Area Rug

$45.47 and Up

Stitched, By Grace - Black Mudcloth Pillow Cover Stitched, By Grace - Black Mudcloth Pillow Cover


Edna Embellished Throw Blanket Edna Embellished Throw Blanket


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