Here's How to Create the Enchanting Boho Bedroom of Your Dreams

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credit: Instagram/@blissfully_eclectic

In Shop the Room, we take the dreamiest pics and make it easy for you to recreate the look through shoppable ideas.

Welcome to Shop the Room, a shopping series that answers life's most often-ignored question: "Where'd you get that?" We take the dreamiest photos we can find and make it way easier to replicate the style in your own home.

Who: Jen, interior stylist and creator of Blissfully Eclectic


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Where: Indiana

How to get the 'gram: The personal nature of bedrooms make them ideal for showcasing the most whimsical aspects of your style sensibility, and this sweet space does it flawlessly. For instance, string lights are instant vibe-makers that might look a little out of place in, say, the kitchen, but in the bedroom, they're all kinds of magical. Pair 'em with some nightmare-busting dreamcatchers and a bunch of soft-and-cozy textures, and you'll have the enchanting boho bedroom of your dreams.

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