6 Brilliant Storage Solutions to Help You Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall

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Though it may not feel like it, fall is officially upon us. Since outdoor activities are the only safe kind at the moment, it's all the more important to have your season-appropriate clothing accessible. Sweaters and jeans should move to the prime drawer spots, while shorts and swimsuits can be tucked away for next year. If space is limited (as it often is), there are clever storage solutions to help you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. Here are six handy containers and sets that will keep your outfits organized and compact.


1. AmazonBasics Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes, Set of 6, $17.49

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Lightweight and breathable, these open-top cubes can be placed on shelves or in the back of closets for simple, unnoticeable storage. They also work well as pull-out drawers when set within a cube organizer. Plus, they're collapsible so you can save space whenever they're not in use.

2. Container Store Clear Weathertight Totes, from $10.99

To best protect your beloved items from moisture, dirt, and fabric-damaging pests, look to these weathertight totes that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Super clear polypropylene allows you to see what's inside each box without opening the strong latches, while the urethane foam seal keeps the elements out.


3. The Container Store Grey Closet Storage Bags, from $11.99

Each size of these rectangular-shaped storage bags is designed to fit neatly in a closet or on a shelf. Polyester-cotton fabric and heavy-duty zippers keep dust out, while the lined interior maintains the condition of the contents. A useful, built-in label holder makes it easy to stay organized.



4. Minna Handwoven Artisan Nesting Baskets, Set of 3, $500

If your closets are completely full, you'll need to stow your summer clothes in plain sight. These beautiful nesting baskets will make your storage look like intentional decor. Handwoven with a thick cotton-wool blend by an artisan cooperative in Peru, they're gorgeously rustic.


5. Open Spaces Underbed Storage Bins, Set of 2, $130

Sustainability, style, and convenience are all at play with these compressed felt storage bins that slide seamlessly under the bed. The surprisingly durable main material is made from recycled plastic bottle fibers, while the handles are crafted with responsibly-sourced leather. Rounded corners and soft surfaces prevent floor scratching and fabric snagging, as well.


6. Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags (Pack of 6), $29.99

By squeezing out every last bit of air from these vacuum bags, you can seriously maximize your storage space — an entire pile of clothes can be deflated down to the thickness of a single sweater. The bags have a turbo valve and double zip seal to ensure that they are both airtight and waterproof, so your favorite pieces are pristinely preserved.



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