8 Ornament Storage Solutions That Will Prevent Unnecessary Post-Holiday Headaches

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If you've been watching ​Get Organized with The Home Edit​ on Netflix, we have no doubt that all of those storage and organization ideas are currently dancing around in your head. Perhaps you've already tackled the pantry (yay for clear canisters!), fixed up your bookcase (yes to rows of rainbow books!), and tidied your drawers (gotta love those drawer dividers!).


But now it might be time to take on a project that you probably don't think much about, at least not until December — your Christmas decorations. Specifically, we'd love for you to organize your ornaments. Think about it: How many times have you gone to decorate your tree only to be dismayed when you see yet another broken ornament? That could be due to not packaging them up after the holidays as well as you could. And we get it — you want to get the take-down over with as quickly as possible.

But we're here to tell you that with the help of ornament storage, you can protect and stash those little treasures quickly and efficiently. Here are eight solutions that will keep your ornaments safe and sound all year long.

1. The Container Store Red 2-Tray Ornament Storage Case, $37.99

You know that you can never go wrong with The Container Store and the brand happens to be the best when it comes to holiday storage and organization ideas. We particularly love this ornament storage case outfitted with two removable trays, dividers, and a zippered pocket where you can store garland or other festive items.

2. HOLDN' STORAGE Christmas Ornament Storage Container, $13.87

If you're in the market for a super-straightforward ornament storage idea (with a handy label), look to this option from Amazon. It can store up to 64 ornaments!


3. Balsam Hill Christmas Ornament Storage Box, $129

Balsam Hill definitely knows a thing or two about all-things-Christmas, and their ornament storage options are no exception. Take for example this box, complete with three removable trays and dividers, that holds 72 ornaments.

4. Honey-Can-Do Plaid Rolling Tree Storage Bag & Ornament Storage Cube, $105.99

When gathering your ornaments, you may want to consider a way to store your Christmas tree as well. This set is made for just that, and it's in a festive plaid pattern that'll allow you to zip up your tree and 48 ornaments with ease.

5. The Holiday Aisle® 18'' H x 12.5'' W x 28'' D Moisture Resistant Christmas Ornament Storage, $89.99

Most ornament storage solutions are made for only ornaments, but if you're looking for a little extra storage, consider this option from Wayfair. It has handles (so it'll be easy to carry down to the basement) and in addition to 64 slots for ornaments, it has side pockets and clear interior pockets for bonus items.


6. Honey-Can-Do Deluxe Ornament Cube 36-Slot Set, $32.97

This ornament storage idea is pretty simple (36 slots with removable trays and adjustable dividers), but the thing we like most about it is that it showcases a pretty snowflake pattern.

7. Household Essentials 27pc Holiday Ornament Storage, $26.99

Maybe you have ​so manyornaments that you'd like to be able to see which ones are stashed away where. If this is the case, make your life and decorating easier with this ornament storage box — it includes a clear window so you won't have to rifle through a ton of bins when it's time to trim the tree.

8. The Container Store 28-Compartment Archival Ornament Tray with Lid, $24.99

Perhaps you're on the hunt for ornament storage that has a throwback look. Make like your grandparents and store your ornaments in a cardboard archival ornament tray. This stylish option from The Container Store has 28-compartments.


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