The 23 Best Modern Christmas Ornaments to Buy Now

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One of our favorite part of the holidays is carefully selecting a few new, modern ornaments to add to our collections. After all, they're festive, (usually) inexpensive, and each one adds to your story. This year, brass and plant-inspired creations are coming in strong, with cheerful and kooky ornaments also decking the shelves. If you're ready to get a start on shopping for new Christmas tree ornaments, check out these modern offerings:

1. Ferm Living Brass Twin Ornament (various shapes), $15

2. McGee & Co. Antique Zinc Ornament, $12

3. OYOY Lucia Christmas Ornament, $15

4. CB2 Luster Cacti Ornaments (set of 4), $19.95

5. Anthropologie Maisie Ornament, $14

6. West Elm Glitter Feather Ornament, $6


7. Lulu and Georgia Hand Painted Wood Ornament Set, $48

8. St. Frank Nativity Fruit Ornament Set, $75

9. H&M Swirled Glass Ornament (set of 2), $9.99

10. Leif Shop Houseplant Ornament, $14

11. Target Gold Elephant Ornaments (set of 4), $12

12. St. Frank Basket Ornament, $7


13. CB2 Kaleidoscopic Glitter Ornament, $3.95

14. Debbie Bean Stained Glass Ornament, $35

15. MoMA Design Store Honeycomb Ornaments (set of 12), $17.95

16. Instax Picture Christmas Ornament, $8

17. Meri Meri Fruit Tree Decoration Set, $14

18. H&M Light Blue Velvet Ball Ornaments (set of 2), $6.99


19. Pauline Stanley Studio Metal Monstera Leaf Ornament, $15

20. CB2 Opaque Ornament Set, $19.95

21. Meri Meri Rainbow Glitter Ornament, $10

22, Urban Outfitters La Seltzer Christmas Ornament, $10

23. Anthropologie Confetti Ornaments (set of 9), $20


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