7 Bedroom Closet Game Changers You Can Order on Amazon

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Bedroom closets come in all shapes and sizes. And while some of us are fortunate enough to have spacious walk-in closets, others are stuck with nothing more than a tiny room and hanging rod to organize a wardrobe.


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Luckily, we did a little digging on Amazon and found that there are lots of inexpensive ways to maximize your bedroom closet — no matter what size it may be. From shelf dividers to bra hangers and beyond, here are seven organizers for under $30 you can order on Amazon to upgrade your closet in no time.

1. Kosiehouse Shelf Divider, $27.99

A good divider goes a long way in a small bedroom closet. This coated wire shelf organizer slides onto your existing closet shelf to separate your clothing, blankets, and other items in style.

2. Bloberey Tank Tops Hanger, $21.40

No room for a bulky dresser in your tiny bedroom and closet? No worries. Each of these nifty hangers offers 16 hooks so you can hang at least eight bras, camisoles, or tanks on it at time.

3. House Day Black Magic Hangers, $12.99

Looking for an inexpensive way to quintuple your closet space in seconds? These cascading hangers hold up to five garments at once, hang vertically to maximize space, and will only set you back $13 for a set of 10.


4. Doiown Pants Hangers, $21.11

Finding space-savvy ways to store pants in a cramped bedroom closet can be tricky. Each of these S-shaped hangers (set of five) can hold up to five pairs of pants at a time and feature a non-slip coating to help keep them in place.

5. Whitmor Double Closet Rod, $8.98

Nothing upgrades a tiny bedroom closet faster than a second hanging rod. Simply hang the heavy-duty steel bar directly over your existing closet rod and voila: You've got double the storage space (for under $10).

6. iDesign Classico Spine Scarf Closet Organizer Hanger, $13.63

Never underestimate the impact of a quality tie organizer in a closet. This sleek chrome hanging organizer boasts eight rods for ties, belts, scarves, handbags and more, so you can keep your accessories in check and organized in any size of closet.

7. Apsoonsell Adjustable Shelf, $28.99

Dreaming of more shelf space for your closet? We have the solution for you. Composed of sturdy clapboard and steel, this adjustable shelf uses tension rods to mount inside your closet, so you can instantly create more closet storage opportunity without leaving any damage behind.