9 Bathroom Organizers Under $25 That Will Free Up So Much Space

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A little extra storage space can make a big difference in a small bathroom. Fortunately, there is an assortment of genius gadgets that will help you carve out additional space for stashing bathroom supplies. From a toilet paper holder with a built-in shelf to an over-the-door towel rack and more, here are nine bathroom decor items for under 25 bucks that can free up surface space while creating more storage opportunity.


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No bathroom would be complete without a toilet paper holder, so why not install one that provides extra surface space? This wall-mounted plastic toilet paper holder boasts a built-in shelf for setting candles, cell phones, and other little bathroom knickknacks.

Take advantage of an unused sliver of bathroom space with the help of a super slim rolling cart. This slender storage unit on wheels features three tiers of shelves and is narrow enough to squeeze between your bathroom sink and toilet.

Why waste valuable bathroom wall space on a traditional towel rack when you can store towels on the back of your door instead? This handy over-the-door rack is designed with three adjustable rods for hanging bath sheets, hand towels, clothes, and more.

No space on your sink for storage? No problem. These easy-to-install adhesive basket-style shelves mount straight to your wall and provide the perfect amount of space for stashing hand soap, perfume bottles, and other small toiletries in style .


The only thing better than a sleek bathroom organizer is one that rotates for easy access to your sink-side essentials. This swiveling organizer features five different storage compartments and is composed of clear plastic to help minimize visual clutter in a cramped bathroom.

A slim storage rack with sliding drawers can be a game changer for the cabinet under your bathroom sink. This chic metal storage option offers two open shelves for corralling cosmetics and cleaning supplies, and measures just under seven inches wide.

When you don't have enough sink space to store your bathroom staples, an eye-catching wall organizer might be the next best thing. This glossy, wall-mounted ceramic storage container is designed with a bisected interior for compartmentalizing makeup brushes, hair accessories, and other small items.

The door of your bathroom cabinet is teeming with storage potential, it just takes the right organizer. Not only does this clear plastic caddy simply slide over a bathroom cabinet door to create extra storage space under your sink, it boasts an opening for stashing a bulky hair dryer to boot.


Transform a small area of precious wall space in your bathroom into a stylish yet storage-savvy scene in seconds with a multifunctional floating shelf. Along with an open storage shelf and a removable container, this clean-lined adhesive organizer features a built-in towel bar, so you can store your soap, toothbrush, ​and​ hand towels in plain sight without taking up an inch of coveted sink space.


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