12 Genius Dorm Storage Essentials That Are Total Game Changers

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College dorm rooms are notorious for having minimal space, even if you're living solo. And if you add a few more people to the mix? Consider "cramped" an understatement. That's why finding the right storage is essential to making the most of your dorm room. From folding crates to hanging closet shelves, check out 14 of our favorite storage and organization finds to upgrade your dorm room, below.


1. Urban Outfitters Renata Over-The-Bed Storage Shelf, starting at $349

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Take advantage of every bit of space you have with this over-the-bed storage shelf. It's made with a metal frame and dual mango wood shelves for more of a sleek dorm look.

2. Amazon Basics Six-Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves, $35.66

Build your own shelving system with these interlocking wire storage cubes from Amazon. You can play around with different configurations and even use the grids as a wall organizer. All you need are Command hooks and clips to hang notes, photos, and more.


3. West Elm Bamboo Leaning Garment Rack, $130

Get the look of a chic clothing rack with West Elm's Bamboo Leaning Garment Rack. Not only does it double your closet space, but it also won't damage your dorm room walls since it doesn't require extra hardware.



4. Urban Outfitters Felix Folding Storage Crate, starting at $5

Collapsible storage bins can be used solo on your desk, stacked under your bed to hide all of your dorm room essentials, and broken down to save space when not in use. The Felix Folding Storage Crate also comes in multiple sizes so you can store everything from school supplies to t-shirts.


5. Pottery Barn Teen No Nails Multifunctional Study Organizer, $48.99

Save valuable desk space with this study organizer. It has a mini whiteboard built in a convenient shelf, and a pinboard to keep you on top of your game at school. The organizer also uses Velcro strips, making it easy to install.


6. West Elm Jasper Wood Lidded Storage Bin, $160

Consider this lidded storage bin from West Elm a chic dorm room must-have. It can be used as a discreet hamper, bedside table, ottoman, and more.



7. Holdn' Storage Heavy Duty Bed Risers with Power Outlets and USB Ports (set of 4), $23.06

Fit anything from mini fridges to small dressers under your bed with the extra amount of space you get with bed risers. Plus, this option from Amazon also comes with power outlets and USB ports to charge all of your devices.


8. BedShelfie Essential Bedside Shelf with Cupholder, $39.99

If you're in a lofted bed or need a closer bedside table, try the BedShelfie. While it comes in all different styles (like these stylish circle option), this bedside caddy comes with a deep cup holder and is spacious enough to store your phone, journal, devices, and more.


9. Adesso Tillie Black Metal Floor Mirror with Wire Shelf, $106.44

This multifunctional leaning mirror can be used to hang anything from jackets, bags, or your go-to accessories, and store things on the bottom shelves like shoes or clean towels.



10. Suprima Portable Mini Fridge Organizer, starting at $129.19

Create a cozy kitchenette with this handy organizer. On top of shelving on the bottom, there's a shelf on top to store your microwave (or plenty of snacks, especially with a few wire baskets).

11. Ikea FREDVANG Underbed Storage, $39.99

Store out-of-season clothes, extra bedding, and even textbooks in this underbed storage bin. At night, pull the bin out (thank you wheels!) for an easy bedside table.

12. Room Essentials Hanging Closet Organizer with Detachable Hamper, $10

Optimize your closet space with this hanging closet organizer from Target. It also comes with a convenient, detachable hamper.


13. Urban Outfitters Bath Towel Bar and Shower Shelf, $69

With communal showers, there sometimes isn't space to store your bathroom toiletries in the bathroom. Rather than tossing your wet towel in your closet, hang it to dry on this easy-to-mount shelf. Store a small shower caddy on the top shelf for easy, on-the-go access.

14. Open Spaces Entryway Rack, $184

The Open Spaces Entryway Rack, which rose to popularity on social media, is ideal for a dorm room, offering three tiers of storage with a modern look. Store shoes on the bottom shelf, books on the middle, and your favorite trinkets on the top.



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