9 Small Bedroom Items Under $30 to Create Storage Out of Thin Air

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Outfitting a small bedroom is never easy, especially when you aren't working with a ton of closet space. Fortunately, there are a slew of clever contraptions that can create extra storage opportunities in a small bedroom without taking up an inch of floor space. From wall-mounted nightstands to floating drop leaf desks and more, here are nine furniture and decor items for under $30 that will help you score more surface and storage space in even the teeniest of bedrooms.


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Why waste valuable bedside space on a bulky nightstand when you can have a sleek floating style instead? This sturdy floating shelf cubby measures just 16-inches wide and provides two tiers of storage space.

No room for a proper work desk in your bedroom? No problem. This genius drop leaf table mounts straight to the wall and neatly folds down when not in use.

A mirror with a built-in storage hook can be a game changer in a small bedroom. Along with supplying space for hanging stuff, mirrors bounce and reflect light around a room to help create the illusion of a larger space.

Small bedrooms usually come with tiny closets, which can make finding space to store clothing and accessories super tricky. This clever hanger simply slides over a closet or bedroom door and supplies room for hanging hats, belts, bags, scarves, ties, and other items that you might not have room for in your closet.


A self-adhesive wall shelf is a many-splendored thing. Along with providing bedside storage space for stashing cell phones, books, eyeglasses, and more, this small space-friendly organizer attaches seamlessly to a wall — no tools (or damage) necessary.

If you thought wall-mounted picture ledges were reserved for holding art, then you'd be mistaken. This clean-lined picture ledge is over five-inches deep, so it can corral everything from planters to nail polish to bedside storage essentials, such as drinking glasses, with ease.

Transform a cramped bedroom corner into a storage-savvy scene with nothing more than a corner-shaped floating shelf. This wall-mounted corner shelf is composed of solid oak wood and can be used in lieu of a nightstand when you don't have a lot of clearance space around your bed.

When you don't have space in a small closet to stash big winter coats, a handy over-the-door hanger is the next best thing. Each of the five hooks on this sturdy hanger supports up to five pounds of weight, so you can hang an assortment of heavy garments on the back of your bedroom door.


If you aren't already hip to the BedShelfie then now's the time to smarten up. Designed with a pair of clamps that attach to just about any style of bed frame, this genius shelf can hold up to 15 pounds of bedside storage without sacrificing an inch of style or floor space.


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