9 Kitchen Organizers Under $25 That Will Free Up Coveted Cabinet Space

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Finding room to store stuff in a small kitchen is never easy, especially when you're working with little to no cabinet space. Luckily, there is a variety of design-savvy contraptions that can free up cabinet space in seconds. From pan and pot lid racks to revolving turntables and more, here are nine organizers for under 25 bucks that will help streamline the inside of your kitchen cabinets while creating extra storage opportunity.


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A good shelf riser can be a game changer for your kitchen cabinets. Along with creating additional storage space in a small cabinet, these expandable metal mesh cabinet shelves can be used together to forge an extra sturdy spot for stacking bowls, plates, and glassware.

Let's face it: Coffee mugs tend to take up a lot of cabinet space. Fortunately, this genius hook holder slides easily onto any cabinet shelf to create under-the-shelf mug storage opportunity — no tools necessary.

Take advantage of unused cabinet space by storing your bakeware in an over-the-door organizer. This savvy steel cabinet organizer slides over a cabinet door to create space for stashing baking sheets, shallow pans, and cutting boards.

Never underestimate the storage power of a sleek under shelf basket. This clever openwork metal basket has hooks that simply slide over a cabinet or pantry shelf so you can score easy-to-access storage space in an underutilized area.


Turn the inside of a kitchen cabinet into a streamlined pantry with the help of a turntable-style organizer. This revolving turntable features two tiers of storage space — with a non-skid surface — for stacking spices, cans, condiments and more.

The only thing better than a reliable shelf riser is one that maximizes a cramped corner of your cabinet. Composed of chrome-plated steel, this wire shelf is designed to fit inside a corner of a cabinet so you can score twice the amount of storage space in an otherwise tricky-to-use area.

The door of your kitchen cabinet is teeming with storage potential, it just takes the right organizer. This brilliant pair of plastic door trays mounts to the inside of any cabinet door to create extra storage space out of thin air.

If you struggle with making room for skillets and frying pans in your kitchen cabinets, consider a pan and pot lid organizer to free up space. This clever rack can be displayed vertically or horizontally, and holds up to five skillets, pans, or pots at a time.


Why waste valuable cabinet space on bulky baking sheets and cutting boards when you can store them under your cabinets instead? This stylish double-layer iron rack can be mounted under a kitchen cabinet or over a cabinet door to store everything from chopping blocks, to serving utensils, to dish cloths.


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