8 Space-Saving Over-the-Sink Organizers for Under $40

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The area around your kitchen sink is teeming with storage potential — it just takes the right organizer. Sleek and simple, over-the-sink shelves and racks are an inexpensive way to carve out extra storage in an otherwise cramped area of your kitchen. From expandable shelves to two-tiered racks and more, here are eight above-the-sink organizers that will free up valuable kitchen countertop space.


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For an affordable over-the-sink rack that doesn't skimp on style, look no further than this stainless steel stunner. Designed with a built-in drying rack, hanging hooks, cutting board and utensil holder, this sturdy organizer will streamline the area around your sink in seconds.

For a classic over-the-sink organizer that's simple yet sophisticated, consider one with a clean-lined wood surface. This chic shelf features a chromed steel frame and a removable birch wood top that's perfect for storing sink-side essentials.

The only thing better than a stylish over-the-sink rack is one with a built-in paper towel holder. Along with five hooks for hanging mugs and a storage shelf for drying dishes, this savvy chrome organizer is designed to hold a single paper towel roll.

For a functional above-the-sink shelf with a little decorative oomph, consider one with a cool scrolling design. Composed of sleek wrought iron, this shelf extends to over three-feet long to provide additional storage for soaps, sponges, hand towels, and more.


Don't let the good looks of this stainless steel over-the-sink organizer fool you, it's a real workhorse. In addition to a built-in drying rack that can hold up to 12 bowls and 10 plates at a time, this two-tiered rack has a cutting board ​and​ a silverware holder, as well as a small shelf for stashing soap, sponges, or mugs.

For a minimalist-minded above-the-sink organizer that's every bit as elegant as it is eco-friendly, look for one composed of solid oak wood. Designed with a tall shelf that won't interfere with your faucet, this all-natural shelf supplies extra storage space around your sink without creating visual clutter.

A floating over-the-sink organizer can be a game changer for a small kitchen. Designed to mount directly on the wall above your kitchen sink, this stainless steel organizer features a built-in dish rack, water draining tray, four hanging hooks, and a utensil holder — but won't take up an inch of precious countertop space.


Consider this two-tiered over-the-sink rack the Rolls Royce of kitchen organizers. Not only does this eye-catching organizer offer a built-in dish drying rack, cutting board holder, paper towel stand, hanging hooks, and several storage shelves, but it also boasts a chic matte black finish to boot.


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